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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the Board of Trade of Great Britain
Great Britain. Board of Trade
January 10, 1739 - September 12, 1739
Volume 04, Pages 339-342

[B. P. R. O. B. T. Journals. Vol. 48. P 1.]

Wednesday, January 10th 1738/9

Present Lord Monson Col. Bladen, Sir Arthur Croft Mr Plumer

Read two letters from Mr Johnston Govr of North Carolina one dated 15th Janry 1738 and the other June 13th 1738 In the first he complains of the great want of a decision in the disputes about the blank patents and validity of their Laws and recommends Mr Murray for a Councillor in the room of Mr Porter deceased the other gives an account of the dispute between South and North Carolina about their Boundary line and transmits copies of three Laws proper to be repealed.

The Board order'd a Report in favor of Mr Murray and will consider of the settlement of the Lines whenever any application is made from So. Carolina.

The Board likewise order'd a letter to be writ to Mr McCulloh to desire his attendance tomorrow at 11 in order to discourse with him about the three abovementioned Laws.

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Thursday January 11th 1738/9.

Mr McCulloh attending as had been desired by the Minutes of yesterday the Board had some discourse with him about Mr Johnston's letters

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& upon the subject of the three laws mentioned therein as proper to be repealed

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Wednesday January 17th 1738/9

A representation to his Majty recommending James Murray Esqr to be one of His Maj. in North Carolina in the room of Edmund Porter Esqr deceased was agreed to and signed.

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Tuesday March 27th 1739.

The Board order'd the Secretary to write a letter to Mr McCulloh desiring his attendance here on Thursday next on the subject of some affair relating to the Province of South Carolina.

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Thursday March 29th 1739.

Mr McCulloh attending as desired by the Minutes of Tuesday last the Board had a long discourse with him on the subject of several laws passed in the two Provinces of North & South Carolina and referred the further consideration of the same to another opportunity Ordered likewise that the Secretary write a letter to Mr Fane that he would be pleased to appoint a time when Mr McCulloh may talk with him on the subject of the Quit rent law in South Carolina.

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Tuesday May 15th 1739.

Mr McCulloh attending prayed that their Lordships would take into consideration the Reports that have been made & the letters that have been writ by the Governors of North & South Carolina to this Board relating to the Boundary lines between those two Provinces and that they would please to make their Report therein And their Lordships were pleased to appoint tomorrow for the consideration of the said affair and order'd that the several papers relating thereto be laid before them.

Wednesday May 16th 1739.

The Board had before them and took into consideration the several papers mentiond in the Minutes of yesterday & upon finding the Governors of the two Provinces had not transmitted to this office any regular returns their Lordships thought fit to defer making any report to his Majesty.

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Friday May 25th 1739.

Read his Maj. Commission to Henry McCulloh constituting him Commissr for inspecting and controlling the Revenues and Grants in South & North Carolina.

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Read likewise his Maj. Instructions to the aforesaid Henry McCulloh the Commissr for inspecting & controlling the Revenues & Grants in South & North Carolina

And the said Commission & Instructions were ordered to be entered in the Books of this office

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Friday June 1st 1739.

Mr McCulloh attending the Board had some further discourse with him upon several Laws of North Carolina

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Thursday June 21st 1739.

Mr McCulloh attending the Board had some discourse with him upon the subject of several laws of North Carolina & agreed to take the same into further consideration another opportunity

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Friday June 22nd 1739.

Read Govr Johnston's observations upon several old Acts passed in North Carolina (transmitted in one book with his letter dated 5th December 1735 which was read the 21st Octr 1736 Bundle B. No 9.)

And then their Lordships gave directions that all letters which have been received from the said Mr Johnston since the Board's last letter to him be laid before their Lordships at their next meeting in order to consider of an answer to be made to the said letters.

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Thursday, July 5th 1739.

Read a letter from Mr Johnston Govr of North Carolina dated at Cape Fear April 10, 1739 signifying that the Assembly have passed many good laws the last Session and have promised at their next Meeting to pass such other Laws as may be judged necessary for his Maj. service and the public good.

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Thursday August 2nd 1739.

Read an Order of the Lords of the Committee of Council dated 31 July last referring to this Board Mr McCulloh's Memorial praying that the 15th & 16th Instructions given to him may be likewise given to the Governors of South & North Carolina and that he may be a Member extraordinary of the Council in those Provinces And the Board were pleased to order that Mr McCulloh do attend on Wednesday next

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Thursday August 9th 1739.

Mr Glen Govr of South Carolina attending moved for copies of Mr McCulloh's Memorial referred to this Board as mentioned in the Minutes of the 2nd inst. and also for a copy of the 15th and 16th instructions to the said Mr McCulloh as Controller annexed to the said Memorial The Board was pleased to give directions that he should have copies of the same.

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Wednesday August 15th 1739.

Mr Glen Govr of South Carolina and Mr McCulloh Controller attending the Board had some discourse with them on the subject of Mr McCulloh's Memorial referred to this Board by an Order of the Lords of the Committee of Council dated July 31 last & mentioned in the Minutes of the 2d inst and Mr Glen having delivered in a paper with his Objections to the said Memorial their Lordships took the same into consideration and ordered the Draught of a Report to be prepared. [Page 93.]—Agreed to and signed August 30th

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Wednesday September 12th 1739

A letter was agreed to and signed to Mr Johnston Govr of North Carolina in answer to several of his letters