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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the North Carolina Governor's Council
North Carolina. Council
March 01, 1739 - March 06, 1739
Volume 04, Pages 343-347

The first of March 1739.
Present His Excellency the Governour
The Honōble Will Smith Esqr Member of Council
The Honōble Math Rowan Esqr Member of Council
The Honōble Robt Halton Esqr Member of Council
The Honōble Edwd Moseley Esqr Member of Council
The Honōble Eleazer Allen Esqr Member of Council

Read Sundry Petitions Vizt

Barnel Evans 260 Edgcombe, Jacob Do 270 Do, Josiah Jones 300 Beaufort, Jno Brown 640 Do, Jane Harris 160 Do, Tho Lewis 150 Craven, Jno Williams 150 Do, Timothys Harris 400 Beaufort, Abraha Busset 200 Craven, Jas McLewcan 530 Do, Jno Fellows 400 Do, Simon Herring 629 Craven, Theo Williams 375 Do, Richd Byrd 250 Do, Jno Ratclif 300 Do, Robt Dunbar 200 Do, Howel Jones 50 Do, Jno Beasley 200 Craven, Nesly Mills 200 Do, William Smith 633 Do, Thos Copland 247 Do, Jno Williams 150 Do, Job Ives 300 Do, Christo Dudley 150, Jno Vernan 200 Craven, Lewis Fryar 300 Do, Benja Williams 140 Do, Jno Do 640 Do, Jos Sessums (268 retd) 300 Carteret, Jas Wainwright 550 Do, Sam Swearingham 640 Edgcombe, Jabez Spooner 300 Onslow, Jos Calvert 292 Carteret, Do 480 & 640 Onslow Granted

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The 2d March Present as before

Read the Petition of Jno Brooks setting forth that he has obtained the Governours Warrant for 110 Acres of Land in Beaufort Precinct that the Deputy Surveyor by mistake instead of No 15 E incerted No 15 Wt pray it may be rectifyed.

Ordered that the alteration as prayed be endorsed on the patent 64 Patent with the order be enrolled in the Secretarys Office

Read Sundry Petitions Vizt

Isaac Odams (550 retd) 640 acres Craven, Edmd Smithwick 100 Tyrril, Do 300 Do, Sam Smithwick 300 Do, Geo Linnington 640 Craven, Do 200 Do, Math Reasonover 200 Do, Richd Harris 320 Beaufort, Dav Mead for a resurvey of 229 Bertie, Robt Cale 617 Craven, James Jones 218 Do, Jas Clark 300 Do, Frans Nun 200 Do, Jno Gatling 200 Do, Sam Wiggins (575 retd) 640 Beaufort, Do 160 Do, Will Harris 640 Beaufort, Edwd Collins 313 Do, Jno Brown 553 Do, Sylvens Pumphry 150 Do, Pat Lashly 200 Edgcombe, Arthr Whitehead 450 Do, Wm Fish 400 Do, Thos Brown 200 Do, Jno Span 640 Edgcombe, Sol Wood 200 Beaufort, Jno Crew 300 Craven, Nicha Corbet 100 Do, Benja Mathews 200 Do, Do 327 Do, Hardy Council 200 Beaufort, Wm Fish 550 Edgcombe Mich Lowber for a resurvey Granted

Jos John Alston for a resurvey of Land of Ja Wilson, on the Wt side of Bennets Creek in Chowan Richd Carlton

Jno Jewels for a resurvey of a tract of land near Bath town late his Fathers and the Suplus if any Granted

The 3d March Present as before Read Sundry Petitions Vizt

Henry Chadwick 640 Craven, Jno Carron 400 Do, Richd Spencer 100 Do, Moses Arnold 100 Do, Henry Bradley (420 retd) 500 Do, Thos Jones 100 Do, Mich Shelfer 300 Do, Wm Herritage 600 Craven, Do 208 Do, George Roberts 2,000 Do, Har Hill 300 Beaufort, Seth Pilkington 320 Do, David Obrian 200 Do

Thos Bryan junior for a resurvey of a tract of land on the So side of Tar River below round about Swamp Granted

Read the Petition of Sundry persons Inhabitants of Edgcombe praying that Col William Whitehead may be removed from being a Justice of the Peace and Ranger within the said precinct on account of Sundry abuses committed by the said Whitehead in the Execution and under Colour of the said offices

Ordered that Depositions on the part of the Complainants be taken before the Chief Justice at next General Court and that Col. Whitehead be served with a Copy of this order and that the said Deposition be transmitted to the Secretary by the first Tuesday in June next

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March 5th 1739 Present as before

Deputies from the Tuscarora Nation addressed his Excellency for leave to choose a King. Granted, and Ordered that the day of Election be the third Tuesday in June next at Rehorsesky and that the said Indians do then and there present to his Excellency for his approbation such Person as they shall agree upon and make choice for their King

March the 6th Present as before

Ordered that a Commission pass the Seal constituting and appointing John Hodgson Esqr Judge of the Admiralty in the room of Edmund Porter Esqr deceased

Upon a Complaint Exhibited against Peter West Esqr a Justice of the Peace in the County of Bertie in relation to ——

Ordered that the Chief Justice and such other of his Majestys Council as shall be at Edenton next General Court do examine into the same and that the said Peter West have notice to attend

Ordered that the Attorney General prosecute Col Salley for some scandalous Speeches spoken by him of the Governour and Col Hunter Vizt that Col Hunter had paid all the powder money he was intrusted with by the County to the Governour

Ordered that the Secretary transmitt a Copy of all the Laws passed this present Session of Assembly to the General Court and each County Court and that he be paid out of the Fund for defraying the Contingent Charges of Government at the rate of 7½d Proclamation money per sheet each sheet to contain ninety words

Pursuant to a Clause in the Qt Rent Act for rating the Currency the Speaker and 6 other Members of the House of Burgesses waited upon his Excellency in Council and took the Oath appointed to be taken previous to such valuation In conjunction with whom agreeable to the said Act His Excellency and the Council with the Attorney General proceeded to regulate and fix the Currency and to determine the difference of Exchange the same that should be observed in taking his Majestys Quit Rents and it was resolved by the Majority that the true Exchange between the Current Bills of this Province and Sterling Money was as 10 is to 1 and Proclamation as 7½ is to one And therefore it was Ordered that the Receiver General take his Majestys Quit Rents at that Standard

Ordered that a new Commission of the Peace issue for each County within this Government and that the following Persons be therein appointed Justices for each County respectively Vizt

For Curratuck—Joseph Sanderson Esqr, Isaac Davis, Stephen Williams, Henry White, Thos Neal, Thos Williams, Henry Gibbs, Lewis Jenkins, Jno Etheridge, Jno Caroon, Wm Macky, Jno Woodhouse

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For Pasquotank—Thos Hunley Esqr, Gab Burnham, Oliver Salter, Thos Pendleton, David Bailey, Jno Nelson, Jas Graves, Wm Relf, Chas Sawyer, Wm Bryan, John Relf, Jas George, Jno Boyd

For Perquimons—McRora Scarbrough Esqr, Thos Docktern, Jno Stepney, Jas Sumner, Jas Sitterson, Jas Morgan Junr, Nath Carruthers, Jno Whadbee, Jno Stevenson, Clemt Hall, Jas Sutton, Thos Weeks.

For Chowan—Jno Montgomery Esqr, Jas Anderson, Jno Blount, John Hodgson, Thos Garret, Wm Luten, Henderson Luten, Thos Luten, Jno Alston, Thos Blount, Henry Baker, Jacob Bottler

For Bertie—Benj Hill Esqr, Needham Bryan, Wm Cathcart, Wm Kenchen, Peter West, Thos Brian, Thos Hansford, Rowland Williams, Thos Whitmel, Jno Prat, Jas Castellaw, Jno Dawson, Jno Edwards

For Edgecombe—Barn McKinny Esqr, Edwd Buxton, Jo Jno Alston, Jno Speir, Sam Williams, Jos Cotton, John Pope, David Coltrane, Wm Person, Jas Spier, Thos Kearney, Jno Hardy

For Tyrril—Cullen Pollock Esqr, Stephen Lee, Wm Wilson, Edwd Philips, William Downing, Jno Swaine, Thos Leary, Jno Ford, Wm Gardner, Wm Cannady, Edwd Smithwick, Jas Conner, Sam Spruil, Jas Turball

For Beaufort—Robt Turner Esqr, Sr Richard Everard, Jno Barrow, Jno Freeman, Jno Snead, Wm Ormond, Isaac Buck, Abra Prichet, Jno Caldom, Thos Tyson, Sim Alderson, Fras Delimare, Geo Moy, Benj Peyton, Wm Carruthers

For Hyde—Sam Sinclar Esqr, Wm Leirmont, Wm Martin, Jas Tart, Jno Smith, Wm Barrow, Wm Cording, Ezeck Weeks, Edwd Hardley, Wm Harris

For Chowan—George Roberts Esqr, Fredc Jones, Wm Brice, Jas McLewean, Jno Powel, Jno Slocumb, Jno Caruthers, Jno Bryan, Danl Shine, Jno Simmons, Jos Hannis, Thos Person, George Lunnington, Wm Wilson, Evan Jones

For Carteret—Thos Lovick Esqr, Nich Hunter, Hope Dexter, Enoch Ward, Thos Austin, Saml Chaddock, Wm Wilkins, Ar Mabson, David Shepperd, Joseph Wicker, Ralph Eves, Jas Bell Junr, Jos Bell Senr Jas Wenwright, Chas Cogdale

For Onslow—Sam Johnston Esqr, Jno Dudley, Thos Fullwood, Edwd Marsburn, Jas Foyle, Jno Howard, Jno Starkey, Sam Jones, Jno Cox, Edwd Howard, Abra Mitchel, Jno King, Jno Tremain, Geo Bishop

For New Hanover—Nath Rice Esqr, Jas Murray, Edwd Moseley, Wm McRee, Wm Dry, Robt Halton, Jno Porter, Mau Moore, Jas Innes, Rd Eagles, Corns Harnet, Math Rowan, John Davis, Sam Johnston, Jno Swain, Sam Woodwood, Roger Moore, Jas Hasel, Eleazr Allen, David Evans, Thos Clifford, Edwd Hyrne

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For Bladen—Math Rowan, Roger Adams, Sam Johnston, Wm Forbes Thos Lock, Nath Moore, Wm Maxwel, Jno Clayton, Ja Lyon, Jno Grange, Griff Jones, Hugh Blanning, Saml Woodward, Robt Hamilton, Jno Davis.

Ordered that pursuant to the late Law appointing Sheriffs instead of a provost Marshal Commissions issue for executing the Office of Sheriff

To Thomas Williams for Currituck, Wm Bryan for Pasquotank, Thos Weeks for Perquimons, Thomas Lalton for Chowan, Jno. Prat for Bertie, Thos. Kearney for Edgcombe, Jas Conner for Tyrril, Wm Ormond for Beaufort, Wm Harriss for Hyde, Wm Wilson for Craven, Sam Chadwie for Carteret, Jas Foyle for Onslow, Corns Harnet for New Hanover, Wm Forbes for Bladen