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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from the Board of Trade of Great Britain to Gabriel Johnston
Great Britain. Board of Trade
August 26, 1741
Volume 04, Pages 582-583

[B. P. R. O. North Carolina. B. T. Vol. 21. P. 286.]

Sir [Gov. Gab. Johnston]

Since our letter to you of the 26th June 1740 We have received yours of 17 December 1740, 14 Janry 1740/1 and 15th April 1741.

-------------------- page 583 --------------------

We observe in the first of these that you complain of the difference that is to be met with in the copies of the Acts of your Province passed in the time of the late Proprietors, this is a misfortune for which there is hardly any remedy unless you can prevail with the Council & Assembly to appoint a joint Committee to supervise all the laws of the Province and certify to you when they have done so that they are the most correct copy that can be made of the laws in North Carolina after which we shall expect to have them transmitted to us under the seal of the Colony.

We are very glad to hear that the people under your government have concurred so cheerfully with the other plantations in furnishing their quota of assistance against the Spaniards

The state of the paper currency of North Carolina (which came in your letter of 14th Janry last) arrived too late to be laid before the Parliament last Sessions as it ought to have been however it will be of use at the next meeting if called for in the meantime we shall take it into consideration.

The state of the Council which you sent us in your letter of 15th April last is not in any sort answerable to our directions sent you by our letters of the 17 Janry 1739/40 and of the 26th of June 1740 and till you shall send us a Relation agreeable to those directions we cannot determine whom we shall recommend to His Majesty to fill any Vacancies that may be in your Council.

In the same letter you desire directions in what manner you are to proceed in collecting the Quit rents since the Lords Justices have repealed the late Act concerning the same As His Maj. has thought proper to appoint a new Officer to inspect the state of his revenue in the two Carolinas till we hear from that Officer we can say nothing to you on that subject save only to recommend to you to make use of such means as the Laws at present in being have provided to do the King justice.

We have only further to acquaint you that we desire that once in six months you would send us over a list of such of the Members of the Council in your government as are either dead or absent and that with regard to the last you would specify from whom and for how long a time they have their license, And that you take care to make an annual return to the general Queries copy whereof is herein closed that we may be apprized from time to time of any alterations that may happen in the circumstances of your government. So we bid you heartily farewell and are Your very loving friends and humble servants


Whitehall August 26th 1741.