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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the Board of Trade of Great Britain [Extracts]
Great Britain. Board of Trade
February 10, 1741 - November 12, 1741
Volume 04, Pages 585-587

[B. P. R. O. B. T. Journals. Vol. 50. P. 17.]

At a Meeting of His Maj. Commissrs for Trade and Plantations Tuesday Febry 10th 1740/1

Present Lord Monson, Col. Bladen, Mr Ashe.

Read a letter from the Duke of Newcastle dated Febry 9th 1740/1 inclosing copies of two Addresses of the House of Commons to the King

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one desiring an account of the Quit Rents of North and South Carolina, the other desiring an acct of the present Governors in America and their appointments as likewise of the vacant Governments there and of the salaries and appointments thereunto respectively belonging and signifying his Maj. pleasure that this Board should comply with the said addresses.

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Thursday March 19th 1740/1.
Present Lord Monson
Col. Bladen.
Mr Ashe
Mr Brudenell.
Mr Plumer

The Secretary laid before the Board 13 Acts passed in North Carolina in the year 1740.

Ordered that the said Acts be sent to Mr Fane for his opinion thereon in point of law.

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Tuesday April 14th 1741
Present Lord Monson.
Col. Bladen.
Mr Ashe
Sir Ar. Croft.
Mr Plumer.

Read a letter from Mr Johnston Govr of North Carolina to the Board dated at Edenton Dec. 17. 1740.

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Wednesday Aug. 12th 1741.
Present Lord Monson
Col. Bladen.
Mr Brudenell
Mr Plumer.
Mr Keene

Read two letters from Mr Johnston Govr of North Carolina the one dated at Edenton 14th Janry 1740/1 acquainting the Board with the state of the Council there and inclosing an account of the state of the Paper Currency of that Province from the first emission of money Bills of Credit to the year 1740.

The other dated at the same place April 15th 1741 signifying his want of direction about passing a new Quit rent Act in the room of the last repealed and recommending Mr Gould and Mr Scarborough to supply the two vacancies in Council

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Wednesday Augt 26th 1741. The draught of a letter to Gabriel Johnston Esq. Govr of North Carolina in answer to such as have been recd from him since the Board's last letter to him was agreed transcribed & signed.

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Thursday November 12th 1741.

The Secretary laid before the Board the following copies of Orders of Council transmitted from the Council Office the 15th of last month and the Titles of the same were read Viz:

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Order in Council dated the 8th of Septr 1741, approving the draught of additional instructions prepared by this Board for the respective Governors of Jamaica Barbados, the Leeward Islands, Bermudas & Bahamas, Virginia, New Jersey, South & North Carolina concerning the colours to be worn by all ships having private Commissions or Letters of Marque from the Governors of those Colonies.

* * * * *

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Order in Council dated the 27th of Novr 1740 approving a Representation of this Board proposing the repeal of an Act passed at North Carolina in 1738 declaring what shall be deemed a sufficient cultivation of Lands already granted by His Majesty and for ascertaining the manner of granting lapsed Land