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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the North Carolina Governor's Council
North Carolina. Council
April 02, 1741 - April 04, 1741
Volume 04, Pages 592-593

At a Council held at Edenton 2d day of April 1741.
Present His Excellency the Governour
The Honoble Will Smith Esqr Member of Council
The Honoble Edwd Moseley Esqr Member of Council
The Honoble Nath Rice Esqr Member of Council
The Honoble Roger Moore Esqr Member of Council
The Honoble Eleazr Allen Esqr Member of Council
The Honoble James Murray Esqr Member of Council
The Honoble Math Rowan Esqr Member of Council
The Honoble Wm Forbes Esqr Member of Council
The Honoble Cullen Pollock Esqr Member of Council

Read Sundry Petitions for Land as follows Vizt

Edward Barey 100 Bertie, William Conner 400 Edgcombe, Jas Clark 53 Onslow, Jno Edwards 595 Edgcombe, Jno Edwards 625 Edgcombe, Thos Jones 640 Bertie, Benj McKinnie 640 Edgcombe, James Everet 500 Do, Robt Forster 240 Edgcombe, Do 250 Do, Jno Grant 300 Bertie, Jno Johnston 108 Onslow, Isaac Lewis 96 Bertie, Christopher Neale 500 Currituck, Thos Neale 500 Do, Jacob Odam 154 Chowan, Rice Price 100 Chowan, Isaac Ricks 168 Edgcombe, Rowland Williams 200 Bertie, Jos Richardson 400 Bertie, Jos Sims 300 Edgcombe, Do 200 Do, Rowland Williams 250 Bertie Granted.

Read the Petition of Thomas Howel setting forth That his Warrant was filled up wrong Joseph Howel being put for Thomas praying the same may be rectifyed. Ordered that the same be rectifyed accordingly.

A motion heing made that a Warrant be issued for settling the Bounds of the Tuscecarrora Land to prevent any Incroachments or disputes with the white people who live round about them and that the Surveyor's return be Recorded in the Secretary's Office And that an Exemplification of the same under the Seal be delivered to the Indians an order passed for the Execution of the same accordingly.

The Secretary representing that great numbers of patents were made out the time limited for entering of which in the Auditor's office was elapsed whereby the Payment of the quit Rents on such Patents was postponed

Ordered, That a Proclamation issue giving notice that if such Patentees do not take out their Patents by the last day of May next following the Land conveyed by such Patents (being forfeited) will be granted to the first making application for the same

The Governor laid before the Board an Instruction from their Excellency's the Lord Justices dated the 14 Augt 1741 [?] prescribing the method of taking up land for the future by a       which is directed

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to grant us Land hereafter but with the following Restrictions, Vizt That no Warrants for Lands issue but in Council 4 Members being present and no way interested that the Land be particularly described in the Warrant that the same be Registered with the Auditor before it be delivered to the Surveyor who shall return it in 12 months that it be for no more than 50 Acres to each Person in every family rights being first proved before the Council in default whereof the Grant to be void Further that the terms on which the Warrants issue be expressly mentioned in each Grant and that the said Grant be registered within 6 months from the date thereof in the Secretarys and Auditors Office or be void copies of which Entries to be transmitted to the Treasurer or the Lords Commissioners for trade and Plantations within twelve months from the date thereof, Which Instructions being read at the board, Ordered that a Proclamation issue to make known the said Rules and directions hereafter to be observed in Granting of Land for the Information of Such of the Inhabitants or others as may be desirous of seating any of his Majesty's Land in this Province for the future.

April the 4th 1741 Present as before.

Read the following petitions for patents Vizt

James Russel 400 Tyrrel, Jno Brown 250 Edgcombe, Jno Briggs 200 Do, James Cotten 640 Do, Richd Jones 300 Beaufort, Arthr Whitehead 300 Edgcombe, Thos Barker 600 Bertie, Do 300 Do, Jacob Davenport 200 Tyrrel, Thos Barker 300 Bertie, Henry Srousberry 550 Do, Danl Holland 220 Hyde, Saml Williams 400 Edgcombe, Benja Bridgers 400 Do, Wm Whitehead 300 Do, Do 300 Do. Granted