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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Philip Bearcroft to Gabriel Johnston
Bearcroft, Philip, 1697-1761
October 14, 1746
Volume 04, Pages 794-795

[From North Carolina Letter Book of S. P. G.]

Octr 14. 1746.

Sir, [To Gov. Gabl Johnston]

The Society for the propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts out of regard to your very worthy character & zeal for Gods service have done themselves the Honour to elect yr Excelly a member of their corporation! and have taken the religious state of yr Province under their considn they are sensible there is a great want of orthodox worthy clergymen to propagate the Gospel in it; and are very willing to do their part towards supplying this defect but as from the Letters of their Missionaries & they hope worthy ones, the Revd Mr. Hall & the Revd Mr. Moir they appear to labour under great difficulties for want of proper encouragement & support & particularly for want of houses & Glebes to reside on they beg the favour to know what certain encouragement the Governmt of N. Carolina will give provided the Society shod send them more Missionaries The Society find an act of the Assembly pass'd so long ago as the year 1715 for dividing the Province into nine Parishes and for building churches & chapels in them & for providing stipends & Glebes for able & Godly Ministers qualified according to the Ecclesiastical Laws of the Church of England but with sorrow they doubt whether hitherto

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this act hath taken full effect in any one Parish in the Province however they hope it will thro' the Influence of yr Excelly & are very willing on their part to promote it this is proposed to be brought by the Revd Mr. Garden the worthy commy of the Province who will help forward as much as in him lies all worthy endeavrs for the Propn of Christs true Religion

I am, &c.,
P. B., Secretary