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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from James Moir to Philip Bearcroft
Moir, James, d. 1767
November 04, 1746
Volume 04, Page 795

[From North Carolina Letter Book of S. P. G.]

Wilmington Novr 4 1746.

Revd Sir [to the Secretary]

From Lady day to Michaelmas I baptized one hundred and eighty white children and twelve blacks and gave the holy communion to thirty six persons—I desire the venerable Society may order the payment of my salary for the year and six months past to Mr. William Dunbar Merchant in London.

The months of August & September being very sickly and my office exposing me to the inclemency of the season brought upon me a kind of intermitting fever which I got rid of with the utmost difficulty and after seven weeks illness I dread the thought of living in this district another summer where my life has been several times despair'd of and where I have no prospect of pasture for my horses or a convenient house for myself and where the salaries they promise are paid in commodities not worth the trouble of receiving—In the Northern parts of this Province which are above the District of Revd Mr. Hall the land is higher and the climate colder which makes it more healthy, and there is ten times the number of white people to what we have at cape fear—They have offered me frequently all proper encouragement to find me a Glebe and Parsonage House and pay my Salary truly and faithfully—If the venerable Society will [approve] of these proposals and order me to remove thither I'll endeavor to answer the end of my Mission but if they are otherwise determined after all my misfortunes & disappointments in this District, I humbly beg leave to acquaint them that since I cannot serve them much longer here; I thank them most sincerely for all the favours they have done me already and am Revd Sir, Your most, &c.,