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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the Board of Trade of Great Britain
Great Britain. Board of Trade
May 06, 1746 - December 23, 1746
Volume 04, Pages 797-798

[B. P. R. O. B. T. Journals. Vol. 54. P. 44.]

Tuesday May 6th 1746.
Lord Monson
Mr. Plumer.
Mr. Pitt.

Upon application from Mr. Thos. Smith Deputy Auditor of the Plantations for copies of such parts of His Maj. Instructions to his Governors of South and North Carolina as relate to Grants of Land and the payment of the Quit rents in those Provinces the Board ordered that copies of such parts of said Instructions as relate thereto should be accordingly prepared.

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Friday July 25th 1746

It appearing to the Board that no letters or other public papers had been received from Mr. Johnston Governor of North Carolina since the year 1742 their Lordships ordered the Draught of a letter to the Duke of Newcastle to be prepared acquainting him therewith

Mem: It will be seen by reference to the Corresp. [North Carolina B. T., Vol. XI], that there is no letter from Gov. Johnston between the date of Dec. 1741 (B. 59) which was recd in April 1742 nor any papers recd from him until June 1746 (B. 70) in which and in another letter dated 20 Jany 1746/7 (B. 72) he explains that he has been a regular Correspondent but that his many packets have miscarried

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Thursday Augt 21st 1746.

Letter from Mr. Johnston Governor of North Carolina to the Board dated at Edenton the 6th of June 1746 in relation to his eight years of Salary due to him and the other officers there and to the outstanding arrears of Quit rents and the Lord Granville's Grants of Lands and Quit rents in that Province

Ordered that the said letter be taken into consideration at another opportunity

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Friday December 19th 1746

The Board took into consideration the letter from Mr. Johnston Govr of North Carolina mentioned in the Minutes of 21 Aug. last & Ordered the Secretary to write to Messrs Halton & Jones to whom he refers them for a further account of the state of that Province desiring them to attend the Board on Tuesday next in order to have some discourse with them upon that subject.

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Tuesday December 23rd 1746.

Mr. Halton attending as desired by the Minutes of Friday last the Board had some discourse with him on the subject of Mr. Johnston's letter