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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from the Board of Trade of Great Britain to Gabriel Johnston
Great Britain. Board of Trade
May 26, 1747
Volume 04, Page 846

[B. P. R. O. North Carolina. B. T. Vol. 21. P. 301.]

Sir, [Gov. Gabriel Johnston]

Since our last to you of the 27th June 1745 We have received two letters from you dated June 6th 1746 & Janry 20th 1746/7.

In the first of these in answer to our complaint of your neglect in not writing to us nor transmitting any public papers you tell us you rather expected a reproof for troubling us too much as you had nothing to inform us but the miseries and hardships of the Province.

These certainly are as necessary to be communicated to us as any other matters that concern the Province and as you tell us you are preparing a state of the Province We desire it may be transmitted to us as soon as you can conveniently as it will be impossible for us without such information to judge what is proper for us to advise His Majesty to do.

As you have represented to us the inconveniences that attend the repeal of the quit rent law We would recommend to you to try to get another passed which may not be liable to the same objection in order to which you must take proper methods to oblige His Majesty's Council to attend their duty better than as it appears by your letter they do, otherwise it will be impossible for the affairs of the Province to be regulated as they ought to be.

Not one of the many pacquets which you mention in your other letter as sent by you has come to our hands which we cannot but think something extraordinary as we suppose there were at least Duplicates of them transmitted.

We hope the change of the seat of Government will be attended with the advantages you propose from it.

We must here renew our instance to you that you do from time to time inform us of your proceedings and transmit all such public papers as your instructions require of you—So we bid you heartily farewell and are Your very loving friends, &c.,


Whitehall May 26th 1747.