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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Clement Hall to Philip Bearcroft
Hall, Clement, d. 1759
July 09, 1748
Volume 04, Pages 872-873

[From North Carolina Letter Book of S. P. G.]

North Carolina, Edenton July 9, 1748

Reverend Sir, [to the Secretary]

In February past I remov'd with my Family to another Rented House about a Mile and a half from Town & between Easter & Whitsuntide I journey'd thro' my North Mission preach'd about 16 Sermons within 3 weeks and baptized about 347 Persons—the Congregation were more numerous in Currituck than heretofore & generally behave devout & orderly—We were obliged there several times to perform Divine Service under ye Shady Trees, the Chapels nor Court House being not large enough to contain one half of the People. I do purpose (God willing) to set out in Septr next to perform my like Duties through my South Mission.

Our Church is cover'd at last, but not finished neither have I heard what is become of the Folio Bible, Common Prayer Book & ye other Books you mention'd nor of Mr Nathl Matthews—I should be glad to hear from you & receive some yearly abstracts for 4 or 5 years past, & (if the Society please) some of Cotervalds Chatechisms &c—My Brother Missionary Mr Moir has been employ'd in Edgecomb Parish in this North part of the Province ever since Easter was twelve months—I purpose to write again the Fall of the year. Total of what I have baptized is about 2592 Persons

Reverend Sir, Your most obliged faithful Servt

I learn that the Widow Garzia is but in low circumstances, chiefly by reason of her deceased's Husband's Expenses & trouble in sueing for his Dues which occasioned him to be very much behind hand in the world & ye creditors of late have sold all both Lands & Houses. She returns hearty thanks to ye Honble Society for their former bounty to her and desires to know whether there is anything allow'd yearly for the Missionaries Widows—Since the war commenced Goods are excessively dear & besides ye Industry of herself & children she hath but little left to support herself withal. She humbly prays ye Worthy Society to consider her helpless condition & allow her some further supply as they shall

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think proper, whereby she may be enabled to redeem her Lotts and Houses and to maintain herself and three children (with their own care and Industry) from Penury & contempt

Yrs &c