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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Christopher Bevis to Philip Bearcroft
Bevis, Christopher
November 01, 1748
Volume 04, Page 877

-------------------- page 877 --------------------
[From North Carolina Letter Book of S. P. G.]

Cape Fear Novr First 1748.

Sir: [to the Secretary]

His Excellencie Governor Johnston having wrote to you in my behalf; that I might be made a Missionary for this District in the room of Mr. James Moyer who left the same above 15 Months agoe, I write this to you to obviate an objection that may be raised against me Vizt whether I be the same Christopher Bevis the exemplification of my Priests orders mentions to clear up which doubt I have thought it proper to let you know the place of my Birth Education & what cures I served when in England. The place of my Birth is Peterborough in Northamptonshire at which Free School I was educated till the year 1703 at which time I went to Emanuel College in Cambridge where I abode the best part of six years in which time I took the Degree of Bachelor of Arts. Sometime afterwards with a Testimonial from the said College I enter'd into the Orders of Deacon at Peterborough & in the year 1711 I entered into Priests Orders at the same Cathedral Church. After this I served in the cure of Barnack in Northamptonshire, seven miles distant from Peterborough, about the space of six or seven winters the Revd Squire Payne Rector of Barnack son in Law & Chaplain to the then Bishop of Peterboro' officiated in the said cure himself during the Summer Seasons—afterwards I served in the cure of Paston two miles distant from Peterborough about the space of three years—the last cure I served was at Wilby in the aforesaid County where I continued 5 or 6 years, but during the last 7 years I deem'd myself an unfit person to officiate in the Priests Office but necessity forced me so to do—what rendered me unfit was a frequent bleeding of the Nose which increased 'till the meridian of Life this and continued disappointments rendered my head extremely weak & filled with melancholy—in this condition I thought it better to lay down the Priests Function than to serve to dishonor it—this I did in the year 1728 and in the year following I came to this place where I have continued ever since, & by slow degrees (thanks be to God) I have got a good state of health—the reasons of my laying down the Office of a Priest ceasing and the great want of a Minister in the place induced me to take it up again

That the same Christopher Bevis who did take Priests Orders at Peterborough in the year 1711 is now at Cape Fear my Elder Brother Mr. Miles Bevis of the said place (if alive) can ascertain—I having wrote several Letters to him, some of which I am assured came to his hands.

I am Sir, Your most, &c.,