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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Thomas Hill to Gabriel Johnston
Hill, Thomas
July 14, 1749
Volume 04, Pages 1081-1082

Sir, [Gov. Gab. Johnston]

A Memorial having been presented to my Lords Commissrs for Trade & Plantations by Mr. McCulloh Commissr for inspecting supervising and comptrolling His Maj. revenues and Grants of lands in the Provinces of South and North Carolina complaining of his having received much injustice and been greatly discountenanced and oppressed in the execution of this Office by you & other Officers in the government and also charging you with maladministration I am directed by their Lordships to send you the inclosed copy of the said Memorial for your Answer thereto.

And that their Lordships may be fully informed they expect that you should return to them such depositions and proofs in your own behalf as you shall think convenient giving at the same time full liberty to Mr. McCulloh or any other person concerned to make Affidavits before any Judge or other Magistrate of what they know concerning the subject matter of the said complaint & that such Judge or other Magistrate be likewise enjoined to summon such persons as the Complainant or any other in his behalf shall name.

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That the Secretary be likewise enjoined to give copies from the Records of any papers which may be required by the Complainant or any others concerned And if it should so happen that the Records should be deficient in any matter required by him or them then that the Secretary be further enjoined to give evidence upon oath touching such defect.

That you and the Complainant or other person or persons do interchange the said Proofs and Depositions so soon as the same shall be made and that twenty days be allowed as well for yourself as the Complainant or other persons concerned to make your or their reply by affidavit or otherwise to be in like manner interchanged and afterwards certified & transmitted to my Lords Commrs under the seal of the Province without loss of time that their Lordships may be enabled to make a Report to His Majesty on the true state of this affair.

I am, Sir, &c.,

Whitehall July 14th 1749.