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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Deposition of Benjamin Wynns concerning land grants in North Carolina
Wynns, Benjamin, 1710s-1788
Volume 04, Page 1123

The Deposition of Benjamin Wynns late Deputy Surveyr of Bertie County being of full age and duly sworn to the 1st Interg:

He was appointed Deputy Surveyor by Mr. George Gould and had a Commission from him said George Gould for said office of Deputy Surveyor bearing date sometime before the year 1745 by virtue of which said Commission and by order of the said George Gould he surveyed lands in the Counties of Bertie and Northampton from the date of said Commission to some time in the year 1746.

Said Deponent to the 2nd Interrogatory says that during the time he surveyed land by virtue of the above said Commission he made Twenty Three surveys he had Warrants for all or most of them whether they were regularly issued or whether they were audited and their dates he cannot tell, whether the returns were all Pursuant to the Warrants he knows not the date of Warrants he has forgot.

Said Deponent to the third Interrogatory, says that he has seen a Patent dated the sixth day of April 1745 to which a Platt and Certificate was annexed dated the 22nd day of August 1745, Granted to Nicholas Baggot containing Four hundred and seventy acres of Land which Land is in Northampton County which said Land he surveyed at the time that the said Certificate bears date and the said Deponent further declares he has also seen one other Patent granted to Benjamin Hollyman for two hundred and fifty three acres bearing date the 20th day of April 1745 and dated the Certificate thereof on the same day he surveyed the Land and not sooner, and that he believes the said Certificate to be his proper hand writing.