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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Instructions to Henry McCulloh concerning the collection of quit rents [Extract]
George II, King of Great Britain, 1683-1760
May 1739
Volume 04, Pages 1133-1134

Copy of His Majesty's 15th & 16th Instructions given in charge to the Commissioner of the Quit rents.

The 15th Instruction

And whereas many Inconveniences have arisen from the want of a proper Regulation in the Land Offices in our said two Provinces of South and North Carolina in which they are expressly enjoined not to grant any more Lands than in the Proportion of Fifty Acres to each person in the Grantees Family which number it was our Royal Intention should have been seated and cultivated by the Persons for whom the same were so granted. In relation to which we are given to understand that in many Instances our orders have been evaded for remedy thereof we are therefore graciously pleased to declare that it is our Royal Will and Pleasure that all Persons petitioning for Lands shall previous to their obtaining a Warrant thereupon prove their Rights to such Land before the Governour and Council when at least four Members of the Council shall be present not having any concern or Interest in the Lands petitioned for and that if the Lands so petitioned for are granted accordingly in such case the Warrants for granting the same be thereupon drawn up and signed by our said Governour in Council and made returnable by the Surveyor within Twelve months at farthest from the dates thereof and a particular description of the Lands so petitioned for be incerted in the Warrants and that before the Warrants shall be delivered to the Surveyor a Doquet thereof be entred in the Auditors Office there and that in Default of any of the said particulars being observed the said Grants shall be void.

And we do further declare it to be our Royal Will and Pleasure that when the Warrants shall be returned agreeably to the Directions contained in our aforegoing Instruction the Grants shall be made out in due form and that the Forms and Conditions on which such Warrants issued and the Lands were surveyed be particularly and expressly mentioned in the respective Grants and that the said Grants shall be registered within six months from the Dates thereof in our Secretary's Office thereof also to be entered in our Auditors Office there or in Default thereof such

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Grants shall be void: Copies of all which Entries our Pleasure is shall be returned regularly home by the proper Officers to the Commissioners of our Treasury or our Commissioners for Trade and Plantations within Twelve months from the date thereof.

To Nathaniel Rice Esqre Secry of his Majesty's Province of North Carolina.


In obedience to his Majesty's Commands you are hereby required strictly to observe the method and form prescribed in the above Instructions in making out of all Warrants and Grants for the future. Having at the same time a due regard to the Resolution entered into by his Majesty's Governor and Council of this Province, Dated the 25th day of September 1741.

I am Sir, &c.,

30th September 1744.