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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Instructions to Wyriot Ormond and Thomas Barker to act as agents for some inhabitants of the northern counties of North Carolina
Scarborough, Macrora, 1693-1752; Bryan, Simon; Hill, Benjamin; Lee, Stevens; Wilson, Caleb
January 21, 1749
Volume 04, Pages 1168-1169

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[B. P. R. O. North Carolina. B. T. Vol. 11. B. 94.]
North Carolina.

This Parcel of Papers contains all the Papers left at the Council Office by Mr. McCulloh, in behalf of the Complainants against Governor Johnston.

Referred to this Board, by the Lords of the Comttee of Council; Order dated ye 21st Novr 1749.

[For copy of complaint see ante page 1158.—Editor.]

Letter of Agency, from the Complainants within named, to Wyriott Ormond and Thomas Barker Esqrs Dated the 21st Janry 1748.

Whereas, by an Order of the Right Honourable the Lords of the Committee of Council for Plantation Affairs, dated at Whitehall, the fourteenth day of July, in the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred & Forty Eight; made in behalf of us, and the several Inhabitants of the Precincts or Counties of Chowan, Perquimans, Pasquotank, Currotuck, Bertie and Tyrrell in North Carolina, upon our humble Petition, addressed to his most sacred Majesty in Council

It is among other things ordered by their Lordships that the Complainants or their Agents be at liberty to take Copys of all Records in any of the Publick Offices in the said Province, touching the Matters complained of, as the said Complainants or their Agents shall think necessary to support the said Petition of Complaint; and that the same be delivered to the Complainants or their Agents, signed and authenticated in the usual manner, under the Seal of the Province; and also that free liberty be given to all such Persons as the said Complainants or their Agents shall name, to make Affidavits before the Chief Justice and Judge of the Court of Admiralty of the said Province; or either of them, of what they know touching the Premises, particularly as to the practice of the said Province with regard to the Majority of the Assemblys being present before any Business could be proceeded upon; and likewise with regard to the Number of Representatives sent by each of the Northern Counties to the General Assembly, from the Year of our Lord one Thousand seven hundred and forty six and such Chief Justice, and Judge of the Admiralty Court, or either of them, do summon before him or them, such Persons as the Complainants, or their Agents shall name, and take their Affidavits, and examine them upon such Interrogatives as shall be exhibited for that purpose. And also

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ordered that the Complainants or their Agents do deliver unto the Governour Copies of such Affidavits or Depositions as shall be made in behalf of the said Complainants. Now know all Men, by these Presents, that We the Complainants in the said Order mentioned, who have hereunto subscribed our Names and affixed our Seals, do hereby constitute and appoint Wyriett Ormond, and Thomas Barker, of North Carolina Esquires, our true and lawfull Agents, as well on our behalf as on the part and in behalf of the several Inhabitants of the aforesaid Counties to act, do, and transact, all and singular the Matters and Things herein before set forth, and all and every Act and Acts, Thing and Things, requisite and necessary on our Parts to be done and performed, in virtue of the said Order of Council: And We, the said Constituents do hereby give and grant full power and Authority to our said Agents, to Act and do all Matters and Things necessary to be done and performed, touching the Premises, as fully and effectually to all intents and purposes whatsoever as We ourselves might do if personally present. Hereby ratifying and confirming, as good and valid, all that our said Agents shall do, or cause to be done, in and about the Premises altho' the Matter should require more special authority than is herein comprized.

In witness whereof, We, the said Complainants have hereunto set our Hands and Seals, the Twenty First Day of January, Anno Dom: 1748.

SIMON BRYAN, & a Seal.
BENJa HILL, & a Seal.
STEVENS LEE, & a Seal.

Sealed & Delivered in Presence of,
Jos: Anderson.

April 19th 1749.