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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Deposition of James Durham concerning sectional dispute over the location of the North Carolina General Assembly sessions
Durham, James ; James
Volume 04, Pages 1190-1191

North Carolina—ss.

James Durham of New Bern in Craven County in the Province of North Carolina Door-keeper to the House of Assembly maketh Oath that he was Door-keeper to the House of Assembly held at Newbern in June one thousand seven hundred and forty six and Mr. Samuel Spruel Mr. Edward Phelps Mr. William Burgess and that Mr. William Williams all Members of the said assembly lodged at this deponents House and that in a few days before the end of the session of the said Assembly this Deponent heard it talked among the Members that they apprehended the said Assembly would be prorogued to Wilmington at Cape Fear and the evening before the day of the said Assembly was prorogued as near as this Deponent can remember he was passing along the Streets of New-Bern and saw Mr. John Hodgson, Mr. Benjamin Hill with a great number of the Northern Members of Assembly (as he afterwards found) standing in a crowd pretty close together and heard them talking about the Assembly's being to be prorogued to Cape Fear, and on hearing of which this Deponent made a stop very near them, and heard them consult and agree

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that if the Assembly should be prorogued to Cape Fear they would not go to meet or attend the Assembly there and that they would endeavour to perswade the rest of the Members who lived to the Northern of Pamplico River not to go and that then there would not be Members enough at the Assembly that should be held at Cape Fear to make a house to proceed on Business.

And this deponent further maketh oath that after the said Assembly was prorogued to Wilmington at Cape Fear he was told by several of the Gentlemen Members of the Assembly first mentioned who lodged at his House that they nor any of the Northern Members of Assembly would go to Cape Fear to meet any Assembly at all there and that afterwards this Deponent heard that an Assembly was held at Wilmington in New Hanover County according to the Prorogation and that none of the Members of Assembly for the Counties of Currituck Pasquotank Perquimons Chowan Tyrel or Bertie went to Cape Fear to attend the said Assembly And further this Deponent saith not.