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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Deposition of Nicholas Routledge concerning sectional dispute over the location of the North Carolina General Assembly sessions
Routledge, Nicholas
Volume 04, Page 1191

North Carolina.

Nicholas Rutledge late of Victualler on his Oath on the Holy Evangelist Taken saith—

That in June 1746 when the Assembly was held at New Bern he was generally in Town and especially when the Assembly was prorogued to Wilmington which Prorogation he heard the Governor pronounce—That on its being imagined that the Assembly would be prorogued to Wilmington, he heard divers of the Members talk thereon particularly John Hodgson and James Craven Esqrs with divers others who spoke to this effect. That if the Assembly was to meet at Wilmington they would not go, that there could be no Assembly for they (as he understood the Northern Members) were the Majority

And this Deponent further saith that taking notice that Mr. John Wynn one of the Northern Members seeming to be very angry about the Assembly being to meet at Wilmington he asked Mr. Wynn the reason why he would not consent to do the publick business, to which he answered you can do nothing without us (meaning as he apprehended the Northern Members) We have you under our Thumb, or to that purpose.