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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Deposition of Wyriot Ormond and Thomas Barker concerning copies of acts of the North Carolina General Assembly
Barker, Thomas, 1713-1789; Ormond, Wyriot, ca. 1707-ca. 1758
April 18, 1749
Volume 04, Page 1205

-------------------- page 1205 --------------------

Wyriott Ormond Esqre of North Carolina aged forty two years & Thomas Barker of the said Province Esqre aged thirty six years sworn on the Holy Evangelists make Oath & say, that they as Agents for the Complnts mentioned in an Order of the Right Honble the Lords of the Committee of Council for Plantation Affairs dated the fourteenth day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred & forty eight gave notice in writing at New Bern on the first day of April Instant to Nathaniel Rice Esqre Secretary of the sd Province to make out Copys of several Acts of Assembly Writs & other Papers for which he should be paid the usual Fees & the said Nathaniel Rice after the service of the sd Notice told these Deponents that he had orders from the Governor not to give Copys of two Acts required by the said notice to the said Deponents as Agents for the Complainants to wit, the Act for making a new Emission of Paper Currency in value equal to Proclamation money etc, & an Act for Appointing an Agent etc as not being pertinent to the matter of Complaint mentioned in the sd order because they were passed since the Act in the sd Order Complained of, & that he the said Nathl Rice should not deliver Copys of the aforesd Acts to these Deponents, & these Deponents furthur say that the said Nathl Rice told them that several of the Papers whereof Copys were required by the said notice were in the office at Edenton that he should give Mr. Craven his Deputy directions to make out Copies thereof, & these Deponts furthur say that several Copys mentioned in the said Notice which they apprehend to be necessary have not been furnished them although they applied to both Offices.


Edenton the 18th day of April 1749.