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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Deposition of Abraham Blacknall concerning the estate of William Rowden
Blacknall, Abraham
May 19, 1749
Volume 04, Pages 1206-1207

Abraham Blackall of Edenton in the Province aforesaid, Practitioner in Physic & surgery aged forty three years having duly sworn on the Holy Evangelists Deposeth and saith, that in the Year he entered a Caveat in the Secretary's Office with Mr. Robt Forster the then Deputy Secretary of this Province to be heard by Council learned in the Law before His Excellency Gabriel Johnston Esqre against Letters of Administration

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being granted to one John Selwood on the Estate of William Rowden & Charles Westbear Deceased partners in the baking Trade & in behalf of Sarah Rowden Widow of the said William Rowden who before had Letters of Administration granted her by Sir Richard Everard Bart. when Governor on her deceased husband's Estate, the said John Selwood having pretended to a false debt or claim of one thousand Pounds Currant Bills of the aforesaid Province Whereupon his Excellency the Governor appointed a day for hearing the Arguments touching the said Caveat at the Council Chamber in Edenton & this Deponent furthur saith that he attended with his Lawyer at the time and place appointed expecting the Caveat would have been debated that Day when to his great surprise the Governor went out of Town without hearing or determining any Matter or thing touching the said Caveat and afterwards Granted Letters of Administration to the said John Selwood whereby he became possessed of and converted to his own use two valuable Slaves one whereof was taught by his Master William Rowden the Trade of Bisket baking which said slave was sold to the said Governor afterwards by the said Selwood for two hundred Pounds Notwithstanding he was worth the price of Four hundred Pounds so much having been offered by Captain George Martyn in the presence of this Deponent and this Deponent furthur saith that the widow of the said Rowden by means of the said Letters of Administration was deprived of the Possession of her late husband's Estate, and reduced to extreme poverty and want having three small children to maintain and further saith not.


Edenton the 19th of May 1749.