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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Memorandum to Gabriel Johnston concerning the Spanish ship Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe landed in North Carolina
No Author
June 13, 1751
Volume 04, Page 1311

-------------------- page 1311 --------------------

Whitehall 13th June 1751

Govr of No. Carolina.

Having referr'd by His Majesty's Orders, To the Advocate Attorney and Solicitor General, the Complaints of the Court of Spain upon the Salvage exacted from the Subjects of that Crown on Account of the late Wreck upon the Coast of North Carolina, I transmit to you herewith their report thereupon by which it appears that no Salvage is due under the Circumstances therein stated, except in consideration of and as a Recompence for the actual Labour and Expence of saving, and that you as Governor ought not to have Demanded any Duty or Gratification whatsoever to yourself upon that account.

As it is His Majesty's Pleasure therefore that full Restitution should be made to the Spaniards of whatsoever shall have been illegally exacted from them upon this occasion, you will use your utmost Endeavours to recover the same & have it deposited in safe Hands till such time as you shall receive His Majesty's further Orders in order to restore to the Spaniards whatsoever you or any Persons under your Government shall have unwarrantably exacted from them.