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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Robert Dinwiddie to Matthew Rowan
Dinwiddie, Robert, 1693-1770
March 23, 1754
Volume 05, Pages 110-111

-------------------- page 110 --------------------
[Reprinted from Dinwiddie Papers. Vol. 1. P. 122.]

Governor Dinwiddie to Matthew Rowan, President of North Carolina Mar. 23rd, [1754.]


Your kind favo. of the 10th Mar. by Mr. Ashe, I duely rec'd. It gives me much Pleasure to observe the Loyalty and Readiness of your Assembly in raising Money for the Good of the Common Cause. Our Assembly were much divided and a Spirit of Content'n among them, that they voted only 10,000[£] for the imediate raising 300 Men to join and escort a Compa. of 100 Men, now at the Ohio building a Fort agreeable to His M'y's Com'd's to me, but I do not doubt of their raising a much larger Sum for the general Service. These Men I expect will be at Alexandria, the Head of Potomack River, next Week, w'n they are directed to march imediately to the Ohio. That Part of the River where they are order'd to build a Fort is in Dispute, whether it is in their Gov't or in the Proprietary Grant of Mr. Penn, of Pensylv'a, however, it's deem'd the Property of the Crown of G. B., and for the Safety of His M'y's Colonies on this Con't, it's absolutely necessary to prevent the French from settling or building Fortesses there. And as it is for the general Safety of the Whole, the Forces rais'd in each different Colony, is to be Paid and maint'd in Provisions by them. I have provided six Mo's Provisions for the men now rais'd, and those from the No'ern Colonies will bring their Provisions with them. The Pay of our Officers and soldiers is as follows. The Colo. 15s. Lieut. Colo. 12s. 6d., Maj'r 10s., Capt. 8s., Lieuts. 4s., Ensigns 3s., Doct'r 4s., and the Private Men 8d. per Day. To bring them into an uniform dress of a red Coat and p'r Breeches, they allow a Stoppage to be made out of their Pay. Provisions of Flower, Pork and Beef to be given them at the Discretion of the Com'd'g Officer, and Rum, a little on their March, and a Quart for every four Men w'n at Work on the Ohio, with Encouragem't of Land to every Person according to their Merit, free of Rights or Quit Rent for 15 Years. The pay that Mr. Ashe tells me Your Private Men are to have, Surprizes me. I wish you c'd prevail with the Officers and Soldiers to be at the same Pay as our Forces, but I fear if they know the Pay, they will be backw'd in coming, but this I must leave to Your Prudence. As to Provisions, if You write me, I shall take care to provide w't You may Order, and as I fear the Expence will be large either for Your Province or our's to bear, we must in a proper Manner repres't it home and depend on His M'y's Goodness for reimbursem't. As

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the Ministers are very earnest on this Expedit'n I doubt not of their good Offices in being rep'd. Cannot You order a Qu'ty of Pork for Your Forces. I am glad Your Regim't comes under the Com'd of Colo. Innes, who's Capacity, Judgment and cool Conduct, I have a great Regard for. And w'n he comes here [I] shall do all I can to help him. The March of Y'r People by Land will be long and very fatiguing, I recommend their coming by Sea to Hampton, w'n shall have Sloops to carry them to Alex'a, thus I advise the independ't Compa's from N. York and Carolina to be transported, and if Y'r Station Ship is with You, I think as it's for the Service of the Crown, he sh'd bring round to Hampton as many as he can accommodate, and for other Vessells they may be press'd on this emergent Occasion. This my Opinion I submit to Your Judgm't. The Gov'r of Pensylv'a sent me an Express last Week w'n he was in hopes to prevail with the Assembly to qualify him to send 1,000 Men and I doubt not of the other Colonies sending their proper Quotas agreeable to the Supplies voted by their Assemblies, w'ch as yet, I am not inform'd of, but the greatest Dispatch is absolutely necessary as the French is expected down the Ohio next Mo. I have nothing further to add, but that my sincere Wishes for Success in this Expedit'n attends it.

I am, with very great regard and Esteem,
Y'r Hon'r's most h'ble Serv't.