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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Order by Privy Council of Great Britain committee concerning instructions to Arthur Dobbs as Governor of North Carolina
Great Britain. Privy Council
March 26, 1754
Volume 05, Pages 112-114

[B. P. R. O. North Carolina. B. T. Vol. 12. C. 30.]

At the Council Chamber Whitehall the 26th day of March 1754.

By the right honble the Lords of the Committee of Council for Plantation Affairs.

His Majesty having been pleased to referr unto this Committee, a representation

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made by the Lords Commissioners for Trade & Plantations dated the 14th day of this Instant March upon the present state of the Province of North Carolina, particularly with respect to the Laws now in force in that Province, and praying to receive directions thereupon, that they may be the better enabled to prepare the draught of Instructions for Arthur Dobbs Esqre, whom His Majesty has been pleased to appoint Governor of that Province The Lords of the Committee this day took the said representation into consideration, and do find, that the said Lords Commrs propose, that the several Laws therein specified should be repealed, and that Instructions should be given to the Governor of the said Province, upon the following points vizt

To limit the quorum of the Assembly to fifteen

To forbid the passing any law whereby the duration of the Assembly should be limited or ascertained, or any other regulation made relative thereto, contrary to His Majesty's Rights and Prerogative.

To erect, (as the Province grows more peopled) such and so many Towns and Countys in the Southern District, with the Priviledge of sending such a number of representatives to the Assembly, as that each different district or division may have a reasonable and just proportion.

To confirm the rights of the several Towns, Precincts or Countys by Charters of Incorporation.

To establish such new regulations with respect to Grants of Lands and the quit rents, as are become necessary upon the repeal of the quit rent Act passed in 1748.

To accept a surrender from Mr. McCulloh and his Associates (when the Term allowed them to compleat their settlement is expired) of such part of the Lands granted them as shall not be settled according to the proportion of one person for every two hundred acres, and to regrant the same to any other persons and to release the present Grantees from being obliged to pay quit rent for the land so surrendered.

To support and maintain Mr. McCulloh and their Associates in their just and legal rights, and in the quiet possession of their lands.

To establish a Court of Exchequer with all the necessary Powers, rights and Priviledges accident to such Court.

To establish such and so many Courts of Justice as shall appear to be necessary and proper for the better administration of Justice, and to consider of the most convenient place for the seat of Government, and to make report thereof to His Majesty.

And the Lords of the Committee agreeing in opinion with the said Lords Commissioners, that the Laws specified in their said representation should be repealed, and that the Instructions proposed upon the above

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Points should be given to the Governor of North Carolina, are hereby pleased to order, that the said Lords Commissioners do prepare Instructions conformable thereto, and insert the same in the General Instructions for the said Governor.