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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Robert Dinwiddie to George Washington
Dinwiddie, Robert, 1693-1770
June 04, 1754
Volume 05, Pages 124-125

[Reprinted from Dinwiddie Papers. Vol. 1. P. 193.]
Governor Dinwiddie to Colonel Washington.

Win'r, June 4th, 1754.


On the Death of Colo. Fry, I have tho. it proper to send You the enclos'd Com'o. to Com'd the Virg'a regiment, and another for Maj'r Muse, to be Lieut. Colo. Colo. James Innes, an old experienc'd Officer, is daily expected, who is appointed Com'd'r in Chief of all the Forces, w'ch I am very sensible will be very agreeable to You and the other officers.

-------------------- page 125 --------------------
You cannot believe the Uneasiness and Anxiety I have had for the Tardiness of the Detachm't under Colo. Fry's Com'd in not joining You some Time since, as all the Delay in the Provisions and Amunition: however, I have given strong Instruc's on both these Heads, and hope you will soon be joined with proper Numbers to give the French a total Defeat. Continue in good Spirits, and prosecute Y'r usual Conduct and Prudence, w'ch must recomend You to the favo. of His M'y and Y'r Country. My F'dship and respect I hope you do not doubt. I therefore rem'n with great Truth,

Your real Friend.