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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Thomas Robinson, Baron Grantham to Matthew Rowan
Grantham, Thomas Robinson, Baron, 1695-1770
July 05, 1754
Volume 05, Pages 130-131

[B. P. R. O. Am: & W. Ind: Vol. 74.]
To the Presdt of the Council of N. Carolina

Whitehall, 5th July 1754.


Your letter of the 21st of November last, in answer to the Earl of Holdernesse's of the 28th of August, having been received, and laid before the King, I am to acquaint You, that it is His Majty's express Command, that You should, in obedience thereto, not only act vigorously in the Defence of the Government under your Care, but that You should likewise be aiding and assisting His Majesty's other American Colonies, to repel any hostile Attempts made against Them, and it was with great Surprize, that the King observed your total Silence upon that part of His Majesty's Orders, which relate to a Concert with the other Colonies, which

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You must be sensible is now become more essentially necessary for their common Defence, since the Account which you have no doubt received, with regard to the Hostilities committed by the French upon the River Ohio, which verify in Fact what was apprehended, when the Earl of Holdernesse wrote so fully to You in Agust last, and which might have been in great measure, if not totally prevented, had every One of His Majesty's Governments exerted Themselves according to those Directions, the Observance whereof I am now, by the King's command to enforce to You in the strongest Manner.

I am &c

P. S. Since writing what is above, His Majesty is pleased to find that you have begun to shew an attention to His Commands, by actually raisin 300 Men, & I am to Exhort You to proceed with Diligence in taking all farther Measures that shall be necessary for the Publick Service.

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