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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Robert Dinwiddie to James Innes
Dinwiddie, Robert, 1693-1770
August 01, 1754
Volume 05, Pages 133-134

[Reprinted from Dinwiddie Papers. Vol. 1. P. 261.]
Governor Dinwiddie to Colonel Innes.

Aug'st 1st, [1754.]


I detain'd Y'r Messenger till I consulted with my Council; they advis'd me, and I hereby order You to give proper Direct's for the 3 Ind't Compa's, to recruit them to the Numbers on the Establishm't; the same orders to Colo. Washington to compleat His regim't to 300 Men, and I hope Y'r regim't consists of 400. You are to order the general rendezvous to be with all Expedition at Wills's Creek, and w'n in a Body, You are to march them over the Allegany Mount's, and if You shall think it impracticable to dispossess the French of the Fort they now Possess, You are to build a Fort at the Crossing Place, red Stone Creek, or any other Place y't may be fix'd on by a Council of War, w'ch You are to call for y't Purpose. The Gov'r of M'yl'd undertakes the ordering a Magazine for Provis's to be built at Wills's Creek, and I shall give the necessary Orders y't y'r Forces shall be duely and properly supply'd with Provis's and any other Thing wanted, y'ts in my Power. You have now three Mo's for Action, in w'ch Time, I hope You will be able to do something Essential. I presume Maj'r Carlyle must have a good deal of Powder and Lead, but write me w't may be wanted, and I shall send a proper Supply of every Thing I have. I suppose You will take the Swivel Guns and some of the Cannon with You, w'ch You are to order as You shall see proper. For Tools, apply to Mr. Carlyle, who, undoubtedly, will supply You with w't You may want. If he has them not, he must purchase them for You.

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The disorder and mutinous Behaviour of the Virg'a regim't, I am sorry for; they have been greatly fatigued and not properly paid, but as Money is order'd for them, I hope they will proceed with Spirit; and as some Officers may be wanting in y't regim't, consult with Colo. Washington and Colo. Stephens on y't head. One Wm. Wright is strongly recomended to me; if You see proper, I recomend him to You, and let the Com'o. be among their own Corps. As Officers are wanted in the Independ't Compa's from N. York, I think there sh'd be some appointed. I recomend Doct'r Colhoun and another Gent. (his Let'r mislaid), who came from N. York as a Volunteer or Cadet. You know the Season of the Year requires great Expedit'n; I therefore desire You to exert Y'rself accordingly. Capt. Clark's going to Phil'a to head their troops is idle, for as yet they have not voted any Supply; he and all other Affairs, I entirely leave to you, tho' it's probable his Inclinat's and state of Health will not admit of any Fatigue. As You do not want the Small Arms Mr. Sharp sent You, let them be given to the Virg' regim't, w'ch will prevent the delay of sending some from this [place]. I have sent from this [place] since the comencement of the Expedit'n, 400 Small Arms, 3,800 lb Ball, 2,800 Flints, and I think, 30 lb Gun Powder from Hampton. However, what further Supplies may be wanted, shall be sent as soon as I have notice of it. As the Conducting this Expedit'n is now entirely with You, I have no doubt of Y'r Care and Diligence in executing the Scheme propos'd as above. That Health and Success to our Arms may attend You, is the sincere Wish of,

Sir, Y'r Friend and h'ble Serv't.

Write me w't You have used of the Ind's Pres'ts.

P. S.—I have order'd And'w Montour with a Compa. of Ind's to You; if they come, shew him and them a regard.