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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Instructions to James Glen concerning the North Carolina/South Carolina boundary
George II, King of Great Britain, 1683-1760
Volume 05, Page 376

-------------------- page 376 --------------------

His Majesty's Instruction to Governor Glen.

36. And in order to prevent any Disputes that may arise about the Northern Boundaries of our province under your Government, we are graciously pleased to signify our pleasure that a Line shall be run (by Commissioners appointed by each Province) beginning at the sea 30 miles distant from the mouth of Cape Fear River on the South West thereof keeping the same distance from the said River as the Coast thereof runs to the main Source or head thereof, and from thence the said Boundary line shall be continued West as far as the South Seas, but if Waggamaw River lies within thirty miles of Cape Fear River then that river to be the Boundary from the Sea to the head thereof & from thence to keep the distance of thirty miles Parallel from Cape Fear River to the head thereof, & from thence a due West course to the South Sea.

Copy of the 36th article of his Majesties Instructions to James Glen Esqr Govr of South Carolina Ao 1739.