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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from the Board of Trade of Great Britain to Arthur Dobbs
Great Britain. Board of Trade
February 17, 1756
Volume 05, Pages 563-564

[B. P. R. O. North Carolina. B. T. Vol. 22. P. 206.]
Lords of Trade to Governor Dobbs

Whitehall Febry 17th 1756.


It gave us great concern to find by your letter of the 28th of last October, that the Province of North Carolina had been so sickly and that you in particular had so large a share in the publick Calamity, it is however a great satisfaction to us to find, that the Zeal which his Majesty's subjects in North Carolina have shewn in so cheerfully and so liberally granting money to assist their neighbours in Virginia, has not been damped by their distresses and that they still continue to act with so becoming a regard for the common Concern. The Zeal and Regard which you have shewn for his Majesty's Service upon this great occasion and the fatigue you have undergone cannot fail of meeting with His Majesty's Approbation and his Majesty has been pleased upon our recommendation to appoint your Son to be of the Council of North Carolina in room of Mr. Craven.

The Present situation of Affairs in America demands a more than common attention in all His Majesty's subjects and servants in that part of the World, to aid and assist the vigorous Measure His Majesty is taking for their Defence and Protection. His Majesty has been pleased to appoint the Earl of Loudoun to be commander in chief of all his forces in America and Governor of Virginia and has ordered two Battalions of his Troops to be forthwith sent over and four others raised

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there and we hope that the sense which his Majesty has manifested for the Interest and Safety of his Colonies in taking these vigorous Measures for their Defence and Protection will animate them to exert themselves to the utmost in aid of these measures and in their own Defence and that the Assemblies of the several Colonies will raise such supplies of Men and Money as shall be necessary for carrying on such Operation as shall be thought most proper for the general Interest and security of the whole.

We are, Sir, &c.,