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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Arthur Dobbs to the Board of Trade of Great Britain
Dobbs, Arthur, 1689-1765
June 14, 1756
Volume 05, Pages 585-586

[B. P. R. O. North Carolina. B. T. Vol. 12. C. 105.]
Letter from Governor Dobbs to the Board of Trade.

Newbern 14th June 1756

My Lords

There having been a conference with the Cataubas held at Salisbury by their King Hagler and some of his Warriors with Chief Justice Henley which has been sent down to me I thought proper to send you a Copy of it, it was occasioned by some of the Cherokees who were returning

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from Virginia after their disappointment of attacking the Shawancse who carried off a White woman from Virginia and 'tis supposed at her Instigation they carried off some horses saddles and Plunder from the Back Settlers as they passed thrō the Province, who I suppose would not supply them with provisions, and our mad Settlers want to repel force with force but I have sent up strict orders at their peril to make any opposition but to save their lives, and if any further inroads are made to bear with them, and given Examinations and leave it to the Government to demand satisfaction in form from the nation and to give up the Offenders and if they refuse reasonable satisfaction, then we shall consider how to act and if any should take private Vengeance that I will give orders to have them prosecuted as Conspirators to begin an Indian War and to lose our Allies. I shall order 100 weight of Gunpowder and 400 weight of Lead to the Cataubas our friends althō we have not 1000 Weight in the Province and none can be got unless the Government supplies us from England in case of a War; We are going on briskly with our Fort at Cape Fear, and shall want the Guns &c: I formerly applied for. I am now going down to Cape Lookout to prepare a plan and Estimate of that Fort and to see how the Batteries go on at Topsail Inlet and Ocacock but would not delay writing as a ship is just ready to sail from hence to Bristol. We are still here in peace with the Indians; and I am just informed that Governour Littleton arrived at Charles Town the first Instant and was received with the greatest Joy imaginable, as Glenn had thrown all into confusion to give him trouble.

I am with the greatest respect, &c.,