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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Proposals by Henry McCulloh concerning land grants in North Carolina
McCulloh, Henry, ca. 1700-1779
September 27, 1755
Volume 05, Page 624

-------------------- page 624 --------------------

Henry McCulloh's Proposals To the Right Honourable the Earl of Granville made 27th Septr 1755.

1st That His Lordship agree that the said Henry McCulloh should enjoy under His Lordship all the Priviledges to Certain Lands lying within His Lordships district of North Carolina which were granted to him the said Henry McCulloh in and by Governor Johnstons Grants of said Lands dated Third Day of March One Thousand Seven Hundred and Forty five.

2nd That his Lordship give the said Henry McCulloh a Declaration in Writing that his Agents had not Any Authority from His Lordship to Admit of Entries or pass Grants of such Lands to any person whatsoever.

3d That the said Henry McCulloh will register his Grants in his Lordship's Office in North Carolina, and attorn to His Lordship for the Payment of Quit Rents to be Due thereupon to His Lordship His Heirs and Assigns.

4th That His Lordship would be pleased to Accept of the annual Payment of Four Hundred Pounds Proclamation Money of North Carolina in lieu of Quit Rents that would be due for said Lands from Twenty fifth March from One Thousand Seven Hundred and fifty seven unto Twenty fifth March One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty.

5th That after the Expiration of said Term the said Henry McCulloh will surrender to His Lordship all such parts of said Lands as shall not be on said Twenty Fifth March One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty settled in the proportion of One White person for every Two Hundred acres contained in said Grants and also make all Those who shall hold any Parts of said Lands by Mesne Conveyances or Otherwise under him to Attorn Tennants unto his Lordship for the Payment of their Respective Quit Rents.