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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of a meeting between Arthur Dobbs et al. to plan for the defense of the southern colonies
Dobbs, Arthur, 1689-1765; Dinwiddie, Robert, 1693-1770; Sharpe, Horatio, 1718-1790; Denny, William, b. 1718; Loudoun, John Campbell, Earl of, 1705-1782
March 15, 1757
Volume 05, Pages 750-752

[From MSS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Minutes taken at a Meeting of the Governors of North Carolina Virginia Maryland and Pensylvania with The Earl Loudoun Commander in Chief of his Majestie's forces in North America began at Philadelphia March 15th and continued by several Adjournments to March —— 1757.

The Meeting having been inform'd by the Earl of Loudoun that there was a plan approved by his Majesty of employing the greatest part of the Troops this Campaign to the Northward and that he had invited

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them to this Meeting in order to concert in Conjunction with them a Plan for the Defense of the Southern Provinces whilst the other Operations were carrying on.

His Lordship further acquainted them that he was willing to leave for the Defense of the Southern Provinces one Battalion to be compleated to One thousand Men and the three Independent Companies in South Carolina of one hundred Men each which may amount to 200 effective Men.

And that he thought it necessary for the Security of the whole that the several Provinces shou'd furnish by the following Proportions

North Carolina
South Carolina
Which joined to the King's Troops
Make in the whole

And the several Governors do engage to use their best Endeavours with their several Provinces to raise and support the above Number to act in Conjunction with the Regular forces, and under the Command of his Majestie's General, or the Officer properly authorized according to his Majestie's Regulation.

The Meeting taking into Consideration the Situation of the several provinces and the Intelligence received from different parts, it appears to them that there is danger of the Enemy's making an Attack on the Province of South Carolina, either by Sea from St Domingo, or from the Albama fort in the Creek Indians on the head of the Mobile, for which reason they have agreed that there ought to be two thousand Men employed in the Defense of that valuable province of South Carolina and to secure Georgia, and that they shou'd be composed as follows.

Five Companies of regular Troops
Three Independant Companies
Provincial Troops raised by the Province of South Carolina
Provincial Troops from North Carolina
Provincial Troops from Virginia
Provincial Troops from Pensilvania
Making in the whole
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That the said Troops shou'd be put under the Command of Lieutenant Colonel Bouquet and transported to Charles Town in South Carolina as soon as possible, the regular Troops and the 200 provincial Troops of Pensylvania by Sea from hence, The 400 Provincial Troops of Virginia by Sea from —— and the 200 Troops from North Carolina to march by Land.

The Earl of Loudoun on the part of the Crown agrees that he will at the King's Expence supply the 200 Men from North Carolina the 400 Men from Virginia and the 200 from Pensylvania with King's Provisions from the time they arrive in South Carolina during the time he keeps them there, but that he expects the several Provinces from whence they are detached shou'd transport them there at the Expence of the Province from whence they are sent.

And to prevent any Mistakes hereafter arising in relation to any Demand that may be made, It's agreed that the several Provinces shall maintain the Remainder of the Troops raised by them for the Service in every Article, as on this Occasion they are entirely employed in the Defense and for the Security of their respective Provinces.

And it is further agreed that We the Governors shall in our respective Provinces take particular Care to form such Regulations and to see them properly executed that in all time comming Carriages for transporting the Baggage of His Majestie's Troops shall be prepared at stated reasonable Rates, And that all the Troops of whatever Denomination either passing through our Provinces or while in fixed Quarters therein shall in time of Peace be properly quartered, and in time of War what ever Number of Troops the Commander may judge necessary for Defense or carrying on the general Service shall be quartered according to Custom or the Exigences of Service.


The above Resolutions are agreed to by the several Governors and sign'd by us in presence of the Earl of Loudoun His Majestie's Commander in Chief

A true Copy
Wm Powell