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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Arthur Dobbs to William Pitt, Earl of Chatham
Dobbs, Arthur, 1689-1765
April 16, 1757
Volume 05, Pages 754-755

[B. P. R. O. Am: & W. Ind: Vol. 71.]

New Bern, 16 April, 1757.

Sir, [Secretary Pitt]

My Journey to the Northward by appointment of the Earl of Loudoun in February to meet his Excellency at Philadelphia with the Rest of the

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Governors of the Southern Provinces to consult upon what shou'd be necessary for our several Provinces to grant for our mutual Defence, whilst the operations were carried on under his immediate Direction to the Northward, where I was detained until the 27th of March prevented my Receipt of your Letter of Notification of your being appointed by His Majesty Secretary of State for the Southern and American Department, and my earlyer acknowledgement of the Honour of your Letter, the post having passed Philadelphia before my arrival there, and the Dispatches lying here till my Return.

This distinguishing Mark of His Majesty's Favour & Acknowledgmt of your capacity, Integrity, and Application in so Critical a situation of Affairs, and in the Department wherein you will have an opportunity of distinguishing your Talents and Zeal for promoting the commerce and Naval power of Britain, by exerting it's power in the Defence and future Safety of the colonies of Britain by conquering and for ever getting rid of a faithless cruel and perfidious Enemy, I sincerely and heartily congratulate you upon, and the more as the concurrent voice of the Nation is with you, and expect by the Assistance of Divine Providence a happy Issue out of our present necessary expensive War, by the future Safety of these Colonies, and the Superiority of our Marine over our Rivals in Naval power and commerce so necessary for the Safety of Religion Liberties and Possessions of Britain.

I need not mention to you the Result of our Meeting in the Congress which Lord Loudoun will fully inform you of, who is so punctual and indefatigable in all Things in his sphere of action; I shall only mention that upon my Return, I immediately issued a Proclamation for the Meeting of the Assembly on the 13th of May to enable me to send 200 Men according to Agreement to defend South Carolina in Conjunction with the other Provinces, and to raise Troops to defend our Forts and Batteries on the Sea Coast, and on our Western Frontier, and shall endeavour to do my utmost to support and continue the Zeal of this Province in exerting their force in supporting the cause of their Religion and Liberties; And have at the same time issued a Proclamation for a Day of solemn Fasting & Humiliation, a copy of which I inclose to you. I am extremely pleased with his Majesties Speech and the Addresses you were so kind as to inclose to me, as they testify a Zeal for the Glory and Safety of Britain and Increase and support of it's Colonies.

I shall be punctual in corresponding with you, and in executing all His Majesties commands communicated by you, and informing you of all Things necessary for His Majesties service in this or the neighbouring colonies, and am with great Truth and Respect

Sir, &c.,