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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Instructions to Arthur Dobbs concerning North Carolina revenues
George II, King of Great Britain, 1683-1760
June 08, 1757
Volume 05, Pages 764-765

[From MSS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]

George R.

Trusty and Welbeloved We greet You well

Whereas by Our Letters Patent bearing date the 20th day of November in the Twenty fifth Year of Our Reign, We were graciously pleased to Grant unto Robert Cholmondeley Esquire the Office of Surveyor and Auditor General of all Our Revenues arising in America To have hold and enjoy the same from and immediately after the death or other determination of the Estate and Interest of Horatio Lord Walpole in the said Office. And Whereas the said Horatio Lord Walpole did on or about the 5th day of February last depart this Life, and the said Office of Our Surveyor and Auditor General in America is thereby devolved to the said Robert Cholmondeley as by Our aforesaid Letters Patent may more fully appear Now to the end that the Trust reposed in him may be duly executed without any impediment or interruption whatsoever, We do hereby strictly command and require You and the Commander in Chief of Our Province of North Carolina for the time being, and add it as a principal Instruction to those You have already received from Us, that You give to him the said Robert Cholmondeley and such as shall be employed by him in the Affairs beforementioned all such assistance as may tend to the more easy Execution of the said Duty, and to take especial Care that speedy and effectual Justice be administered in all Cases concerning Our Revenue, And that You do likewise direct and give in Charge to all Persons whatsoever to whom it may belong to act or intermedle with any part of Our said Revenue and Profits arising within your Government. That setting all Excuses aside they do punctually and readily pursue such Directions as they shall receive from Our said Surveyor and Auditor General in Obedience to Our said Letters Patent granted unto him in that behalf. And that they do from time to

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time and by all Opportunitys transmit unto him the particular Accounts of Our said Revenue of what nature soever they be, to the end the same may be represented by him unto the Commissioners of Our Treasury, or Our High Treasurer for the time being, and Our Service thereby effectually carried on. And that You give all such Persons and others whom it may concern to understand that their neglect therein will draw upon them the Consequence of Our Just Displeasure And these Our Commands We do hereby direct and require to be entered in the Publick Records of Our said Province that no Person may pretend Ignorance thereof; And so We bid You farewell. From Our Court at Kensington this 8th day of June 1757 in the 30th Year of Our Reign

By his Majesty's Command
To Governor Dobbs.