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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Land patent granted by George II, King of Great Britain to Arthur Dobbs
George II, King of Great Britain, 1683-1760; Johnston, Gabriel, ca. 1698-1752
March 03, 1745
Volume 05, Pages 770-771

-------------------- page 770 --------------------

George the Second by the Grace of God of Great Britain, France and Ireland King Defender of the Faith &c.

To all to whom these presents shall come, Greeting—

Whereas we having by our order in council, directed our Surveyor General of our Province of North Carolina, or his deputies to survey and lay out twelve hundred thousand acres of land upon the heads of Pedee, Cape Fear, and Nues rivers (as by relation thereunto had may more fully appear) to Murray Crymble James Huey and such other persons as are associated with them entitling the said Murray Crymble James Huey, and their associates to take out seperate grants for the said lands in just proportions as shall be required by them, provided that no grant contain less than twelve thousand acres. Now know ye that we agreable to the power and in pursuance of the several priviledges granted by the said recited order in Council and also for and in consideration of the rents and duties herein reserved, Do give and grant unto Arthur Dobbs of Castle Dobbs in Ireland Esqr one of the associates of the said Murray Crymble and James Huey a tract of land containing 12,500 acres being subdivided from the tract No 2, surveyed by Mathew Rowan Esqr upon the branches of Great Pedee and Johnston Rivers beginning at a Hickory running thence North 500 chain then West 250 chain then South 500 chain, and then East 250 chain to the first station and bounded by the tract S to the North and by the tract Z to the West. To have and to hold the said lands with all rights and priviledges of Hunting, Hawking, Fishing and Fowling with all woods, waters, and rivers, with all profits commodities and Hereditaments to the same belonging or appertaining to him the said Arthur Dobbs his heirs and assigns forever in as full and ample manner as of our manor of east Greenwich, except that in case any mines shall be found on said lands one fifth part of all Gold or Silver ore and one tenth part of the ore of all other mines and minerals whatever be reserved for the use of us our heirs and successors, yielding and paying unto us our heirs and successors yearly after the expiration of ten years from the date of these presents, four shillings Proclamation Money for every hundred acres contained in said tract—and Provided also that the said Arthur Dobbs his heirs and assigns do settle within the term of ten years upon the land so granted according to the proportion of one white person for every two hundred acres contained in this grant. Otherwise such proportion of the lands as are not so settled shall revert to us our heirs and successors. But at the same time it is Provided that no advantage shall be taken of such lapse (if any should happen) untill such time as we shall think fit to resume the said land as forfeited for want of being so settled within the term of ten

-------------------- page 771 --------------------
years, the grantee his heirs or assigns being still liable to pay the Quit Rent of four shillings proclamation money for every hundred Acres contained in this Grant, untill our pleasure thereupon is further known. In Testimony whereof we have caused the seal of our said Province to be hereto affixed. Witness our trusty & well beloved Gabriel Johnston Esqr our Captain General Governor & Commander in Chief in and over our said Province at Eden House 3 March 1745.

By his Excys Command
James Craven Dep Secy

Recorded in Secys Office by Jas Craven Dep. Secy

Enrold in Aud. Genl Office Alexr McCulloch Dep. Aud.