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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Agreement between William Houston and Henry McCulloh concerning land grants made to Houston
Houston, William, d. ca. 1795; McCulloh, Henry, ca. 1700-1779
February 04, 1747
Volume 05, Pages 771-772

Whereas Murray Crymble and James Huey by a writing under their hands dated the 22d day of May 1740 declared that the Lands Granted by his Majesty's order in Council dated the 19th day of May 1737 in the Name of Murray Crymble James Huey and their associates Doth in right belong and appertain to Henry McCulloh Esqr in Trust for himself and the rest of the Asssociates

And whereas the said Henry McCulloh has Declared Doctor Wm Houston living in Newhanover County in the Province of North Carolina to be an associate and has made out Several Grants of Twelve Thousand five hundred Acres Each in the name of the sd Wm Houston Now know ye that I the said Wm Houston Doth Bind myself my heirs Exor's Admor's and Assigns upon the first Notice or at the request of the said Henry McCulloh his heirs Exor's admor's or assigns to make out and Convey at the Proper Cost and Charge of the sd Henry McCulloh his assigns &c. a Good and sufficient Title in Law & Equity of all & Every of the sd Grants of Twelve Thousand five hundred Acres Each being subdivided from the Tract No 8 & No 10 formerly surveyed by Mathew Rowan Esqr & also Six Thousand Two hundred & fifty acres being [one half] of a Grant made out in the Name of the said Wm Houston and subdivided from the Tract No 6 formerly Surveyed by Mathew Rowan Esqr but the remaining six thousand two hundred and fifty acres is to remain to the use of the said Wm Houston heirs Exor's Admor's & Assigns anything in this Writing to the Contrary Notwithstanding and I do further Declare that my Name in the Several Grants made out from the Tracts No 10 & No 8 is only made use of in Trust for the said Henry McCulloh and the said Henry McCulloh his heirs Exor's admor's or assigns do hereby Engage to Bear the said Wm Houston his heirs Exor's admor's and assigns harmless from all Expence that may arise therefrom.

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In Testimony whereof the Parties to these Presents have Interchangably set their hands & Seals this 4th day of February 1746/7.

Henrieta Speakman
James McCulloh