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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Power of attorney for John Campbell to act for Henry Howson
Howson, Henry
January 25, 1757
Volume 05, Pages 772-773

Whereas his Present most Excellent Majesty King George the Second by Sundry Grants Dated the third day of March in the year of our Lord 1745 Gave and Granted unto Henry McCulloh late of Soracte in North Carolina but now of Turnham Green in the County of Middlesex Esqr Eight Grants of Land on Flatt Enoe and Tar rivers and the Branches thereof in North Carolina Each Grant Containing Twelve Thousand Five hundred Acres of Land and making together one hundred thousand [acres] of Land which is commonly called or known by the Name of the Tract No 12

And Whereas after the Date of the aforesd Eight Grants of 12,500 acres Each which are in the Name of the said Henry McCulloh upon that [Flatt] Enoe and Tar rivers the Lands Containing within the sd Grants fell within the Survey or lines marked to right honourable John Earl Granville in pursuance of a Division made of his Lordships one Eighth part of Carolina and the Crown in Consequence of which the sd Earl Granville did by a Writing under his hand and Seal Dated the 13th Day of December in the Year of our Lord 1755 Decld that the sd Henry McCulloh should Enjoy under his Lordship all the Privileges to Such Lands so Situated within his Lordships District in North Carolina which were Intended him by his Majestys Grants Dated the third Day of March in the Year of our Lord 1745 as aforesd and the sd Earl further Declared that he Gave particular and Express Orders to his agents not to take Entrys or Pass Grants at any time of the sd Lands to any Persons whatsoever

And Whereas the sd Henry McCulloh has [by] Indentures bearing Date the Twentieth Day of January in the Year of our Lord 1757 Bargained Sold Assigned Transferred and Set Over Unto Henry Howson of Areburry in the County of Wiltshire in England Gentleman his heirs and Assigns forever a Tract or Parcell of Land Containing Twelve Thousand five hundred Acres Marked O: O on the Platt thereof being Part of the aforesaid one hundred Thousand Acres Bounded by the Tract

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P P to the So So Wtwd by the Tract L L to the Wt No Wtward and by the Tract N N to the No No Etward

Now Know all Men by these Presents that I the sd Henry Howson of Areburry aforesd in the County of Wiltshire afsd Have made Constituted and appointed and by these Presents Do Make Constitute and Appoint John Campbell of Bertie in the Province of North Carolina Esqr my True and Lawfull Attorney for me and in my Name and for my own Proper use and Advantage To Let, Bargain Sell and Dispose of in fee all or any Part of the above mentioned Tract of Land Containing Twelve Thousand five hundred Acres unto Such Persons as are Settled thereon and to their heirs and Assigns forever Provided the Lands so Disposed of shall not Exceed the Proportion of 100 Acres for Each White Person Contained in their Family And Provided also that such Persons as Purchase any of the sd Lands shall be made liable to all the Conditions and Privileges of a Deed Entd into the Thirteenth Day of December in the Year of our Lord 1755 Between the sd Earl Granville and the said Henry McCulloh (Copy of which hath been Transmitted to my said Attorney) And I the sd Henry Howson Do further Authorize and Impower my said Attorney to do all other Acts and things whatsoever Concerning the Disposition of the Premises as full in every respect as I myself might or could do if I was Personally Present and an Attorney or Attorneys under him for the Purposes aforesd at his Pleasure to Make & revoke hereby ratifying allowing and Confirming all and whatsoever my sd Attorney shall in my Name Lawfully do or Cause to be Done in and about the Premises by Virtue of these Presents

In witness whereof I the said Henry Howson have hereunto Set my hand and Seal the Twenty fifth Day of January in the Year of our Lord 1757.