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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Forbes to Arthur Dobbs
Forbes, John, 1710-1759
March 21, 1758
Volume 05, Pages 926-927

[From MSS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]

New York, 21st March 1758.

Sir, [Governor Dobbs]

His Excellency Majr Genl Abercromby having pursuant to his Majesty's Directions been appointed unto the Command of the Kings regular Forces and Provincial troops, who are to be employed jointly in the operations to be carried on this ensuing Campaign to the southward of Pensylvania included,

And as a great part of this force is to consist of the Southern Provincial troops of Pensilvania, Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina, I make no manner of doubt but these Provinces from their known Zeal for the publick service will most chearfully and unanimously join in raising with the greatest Dispatch the Body of Men expected from them for the Defence of their own Confines and the Honour and support of his Majesty's Dominions in No America,

I must therefore beg that the officers and men employed for this Service be able bodied good men, capable of enduring fatigue, and that their arms be the best that can be found in the Province.

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As I am given to understand and have great reason to expect that a Body of Cherokee Indians are to come and join us this Spring on the back Frontiers of Virginia and Pensilvania, and as their Rout leads them through your Province of North Carolina, I must therefore beg that you will be so good as to give orders that they meet with all kind of good usage in their passing, and hope that Mr. Atkins who has the Charge of Indian Affairs has taken Care of their being supplied with Provisions &c. upon their March. As I am a Stranger to the Southern Provinces, and therefore can make no guess of the Distance that the No Carolina troops will have to march in order to join the Army at Willss Creek upon the Potowmack by the first of May, you will therefore be so good as to regulate their march, and order them to set out so as they may join me by that time. And as Provisions cannot possibly be delivered to them upon their march, each effective man that joins the Army shall be paid four pence sterling in lieu of Provisions from the time he begins his march, until that he receives Provisions from the Stores.

I must beg Sir that you will give your orders that none but those men who are good and that can be depended upon may be sent, as people either inclined to mutiny or desert wod prove an immense Detriment to the service at so intricate a Time, and that you will give orders to send me an account of the men you have at present in pay, and what numbers I may expect you are to send me, with the route they are to take in order to join me, and the time they will be ready to sett out, and you will order the officer that commands them to correspond with me directed for me at Philadelphia.

I have the honour to be with great regard

Your most obedient, &c.,