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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from the Board of Trade of Great Britain to the Privy Council of Great Britain
Great Britain. Board of Trade
February 16, 1758
Volume 05, Pages 927-928

[B. P. R. O. North Carolina. B. T. Vol. 22. P. 260.]
To the Committee of the Privy Council of Plantations Affairs.

Whitehall, Febry 16th 1758.

My Lords,

Pursuant to your Lordships Order dated the 16 of January last, we have taken [under] our consideration the humble Petition of Henry McCulloh, relating to the Payment of the Arrears of Salary due to him as inspector of His Majesty's Quit-rents in North and South Carolina and having been attended by the Petitioner and heard what he had to offer

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upon the subject matter of his Petition We beg leave to acquaint your Lordships

That in Our Report to your Lordships of the 9th of October 1756 we observed that the case of the Petitioner appeared to us, from the circumstances of Hardship which he then laid before Us, to be worthy of compassion and he now alleges that the Revenue of His Majesty's Quit-rents in Carolina being lessened by the difficulties and destructions attending the Collection of it in time of War, the Payment of his Warrant upon that fund will be thereby postponed much longer than could have been expected at the time when after long delay and with great difficulty he obtained it and that among the many hardships to which this additional Delay has reduced him, he has been obliged to enter into an engagement with his creditors to pay them interest to a very considerable amount untill the whole of his Debt is discharged.

For these Reasons and as Mr. McCulloh appears to us to have performed the duties of his late Office so far as they were within the cognizance of this Board with diligence, Integrity and ability and to have suffered great hardships and difficulties in consequence thereof we would humbly propose that His Majesty may be graciously pleased to grant him that sort of relief which he humbly requests in such manner as to his Majesty shall seem most proper.

We are my Lords, etc.,