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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Deposition of Joseph Carruthers concerning agreements made with John Rutherford
Carruthers, Joseph
January 04, 1758
Volume 05, Pages 954-955

North Carolina—ss.

Joseph Carruthers of Craven County Esqre being of full age maketh Oath on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God and saith that on or about the 30th day of March 1756 This Deponent accounted with John Rutherford Esquire Receiver of his Majesty's Quit Rents touching sundry Receipts of Quit Rents by this Deponent received and 588 Acres of Land purchased from the said John Rutherford by this Deponent and that the said account was then and thereupon settled and signed by the said John Rutherford That this Deponent at the same time agreed with the said John Rutherford to allow him £88.15.1¼ out of £568.17.9¼ due to the Executors of Joseph Anderson Esquire deceased for his salary on condition he would permit this Deponent to stop in his hands the remaining £480.2.8 out of the accruing Quit Rents of the said County to be collected by this Deponent That about 10 months after the said agreement the said John Rutherford having borrowed this Deponent's Book wherein was the said settled account did without the privity knowledge or consent of this Deponent insert in the said account the following Memorandum or Note vizt

N. B. Jos: Anderson's Receipt on account of his Salary to Mr. Allen Anno 1744 for £15.8.6 Sterling not included in this settlement also Mr. Anderson's Receipt for £26.12.6 V. C. received for me on account of Dr. Cathcart's Note to Messrs Fludgers Londo and this Deponent further saith that the said John Rutherford never mentioned or claimed the said two last mentioned sums to or from this Deponent at the time of making such agreement nor the said £15.8.6 Sterlg until about 2 days before such Insertion was made and that this Deponent did offer to discount the said £26.12.6 Virg: Currency out of moneys due to the estate of the said Joseph Anderson from the late Governor Johnston and that the said John Rutherford did not produce or shew to this Deponent any such Receipt for £15.8.6 Sterl whereupon this Deponent told the said John Rutherford it would be time enough to account for the said last mentioned sum

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when the Receipt thereof should be produced and the said Deponent further saith that the said sum of £88.15.1¼ was not detained in the hands of the said John Rutherford to answer the said demands of £15.8.6 Sterl and £26.12.6 Virg: Currency but was by this Deponent allowed to the said John Rutherford as a premium or reward for permitting this Deponent to stop the said sum of £480.2.8 in his own hands out of the next Quit Rents to be by him received as Collector thereof for the said County of Craven.

Sworn to at New Bern the 4th day of Janry 1758 before me
Arthur Dobbs.