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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Memorial from John Rutherford concerning his suspension from the North Carolina Governor's Council
Rutherford, John, 1724-1782
March 13, 1758
Volume 05, Page 956

To the Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations.

The Memorial of John Rutherford Esqre Humbly sheweth

That your Memorialist hath acted as a Member of his Majesty's Council and Receiver General for the Province of North Carolina since the year 1751, and during that time hath done his endeavours to promote his Majesty's service.

That nevertheless your Memorialist was on the 21st Dec: last suspended from his said offices by his Excellency Arthur Dobbs Esqre

Your Memorialist therefore humbly prays your Lordships that a Copy of the Minutes of Complaint may be ordered to be delivered to him that he may answer to the same before your Lordships or before the Lords Commissioners of his Majesty's Treasury according to the nature of the charge against him not only in justification of his conduct as one of the Council but for his justification to those who stand his securities to the Crown for the lawfull execution of the office of his Majesty's Receiver General for that Province Which is humbly submitted to your Lordships consideration by your Lordships

Most dutifull and most obedient servant

London, 13th March 1758.