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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Power of attorney for Thomas Child to act for John Carteret, Earl Granville
Carteret, John, Earl Granville, 1690-1763
April 25, 1759
Volume 06, Pages 29-32

[From MSS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]

To All Whom these Presents shall come—

I John Earl Granville, Viscount Carteret and Baron Carteret of Hawnes in the County of Bedford in the Kingdom of Great Britain, Lord President of his Majesty's most Honorable Privy Council and Knight of the most Noble order of the Garter, Sole Lord or Proprietor of a certain District, Territory or Parcell of Land lying in the Province of North Carolina in America, Send Greeting—

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Whereas in and by a certain Instrument in writing called a Letter of Attorney under my hand and Seal of Arms bearing Date the first of September 1756 duly proved before the Right Honorable the Lord Mayor of London and afterwards inrolled in the Secretary's office in the Province of North Carolina aforesaid, I did make, constitute and appoint Francis Corbin and Joshua Bodley my Agents, Commissioners and Attorneys—Jointly or Severally in Cases therein mentioned To Execute all and every the Powers and authorities therein Specified and referred to under such Regulations and Directions as I then had given or from time to time should judge proper to give for that purpose. Thereby granting to them the said Francis Corbin and Joshua Bodley respectively the Annual Salaries, Profits and Perquisites granted to my Agents for the time being in and by a certain Letter of Attorney and Set of Instructions therein mentioned and recited in lieu of all other Demands whatsoever as in and by the said Several Letters of Attorney will more fully appear. Now Know Ye, That I the said John Earl Granville for Divers Good Causes and Considerations me hereunto specially moving, Do by these Presents Revoke, Countermand and make void all and so much of the said first mentioned Letter of Attorney and of all former or Subsequent Letters of Attorney by me hereunto made as relates to the said Francis Corbin and to the granting or Disposing of the Lands situate within my said District and all Powers, Authoritys Privileges, Salaries, Profits and Perquisites therein granted and given to him by the same or by any other means whatsoever And further, Know Ye, That I the said John Earl Granville having full Trust and Confidence in the Integrity and Ability of Thomas Child Esqr his Majesty's Attorney General of North Carolina whom I have lately appointed Auditor of my said District and now send over in order to settle and adjust the affairs relating to my Estate and Interest in the said Province, Do by these presents make constitute and appoint him the said Thomas Child during my Pleasure and his Residence in North Carolina my Special Commissioner, Agent and Attorney for me, and in my Name to treat contract and agree with any Person or Persons for the Granting or Disposing of in fee in parts or Parcells so much of my said District Territory or Parcell of Land situate in the said Province upon such Terms or Conditions and under such Covenants and Provisoes and at such Rent or Rents (not under or less than three Shillings Ster Money Yearly for every hundred acres) as he the said Thos. Child shall think meet observing nevertheless such orders Regulations and Directions

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as are comprized and set forth in Numeros. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. of a Set of General Instructions contained in five sheet of Stamp't Paper, Severally Signed and sealed by me bearing Date the 16th January 1752 and Lodged among the Records of my Land Office at Edinton in the said Province. And also under such further or other Instructions as I may at any time hereafter Judge proper to give concerning the Premises with full Power to the said Thomas Child from time to time as there shall be occasion for me and in my Name. And as my Act and Deed to sign Seal and Deliver such Grants or other Instruments as for the confirmation of such contracts or agreements shall be requisite according to the Lawful actions that have been used in the said Province for that Purpose, Such Grantee or Grantees executing counterparts thereof, and on the same being returned into the office, He the said Joshua Bodley or any other Agent for the Time being residing (shall make) abstracts thereof in the office Books and certifying the Day of his making the same by Indorsement on such —— counterparts to that Effect, And Lastly I do hereby make constitute and appoint him the said Thomas Child during my Pleasure and his Residence in the said Province either jointly with my other agent for the Time being or separately by himself or such sufficient Deputy as he may think proper to appoint for this Purpose during his said Residence there my true and Lawful Attorney for me and in my Name to ask, demand sue for recover and on my behalf to receive take Possession of hold or retain by any lawful ways, means manner and Process of Law whatsoever all and Singular my annual Quit Rents Escheats, Fines, Forfeitures Revenues Dues Duties and other issues and Profits arising out of my said District or accruing to me in Right of my Propriety therein and also all Records Books Instructions, Original Letters and Papers to-gether with my Seal and Cypher and all other things of what nature or kind soever in the said Province belonging to me or relating or appertaining to my Estate Interest or concerns therein and on Receipt or other necessary agreement and composition for the same, Acquittances for me and on my behalf to make seal and Deliver and to do all other Acts or Things whatsoever consistant with my Interest and the Interest of such orders Instructions and Directions as I have given to the said Thomas Child or shall at any time hereafter think fit to give for those Purposes as fully in every respect as I myself might or could do if I were personally Present, Hereby granting to the said Thomas Child or such sufficient Deputy as may be appointed by him as aforesaid Ten per cent on all moneys
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that shall be received on the accounts before mentioned in lieu of the Commissions to that amount which were granted to my Agents by the 22 Article of my General Instructions dated the 16th January 1752 and which I now order to be discontinued in future—and hereby also Ratifying confirming and allowing all—and whatsoever my said Commissioner Agent & Attorney jointly or Separately as aforesaid shall in my name so lawfully do or cause to be done in and about the Premises on my Behalf by Virtue of these Presents—And I do hereby allow the said Thomas Child, as soon as he shall have settled and adjusted to the Utmost of his Power my said affairs in such manner as may answer the Purpose of my sending him thither to return to me with a full State thereof appointing in the Interim some fit Person to Transact my affairs in his absence and stead until my Pleasure shall be further signified thereon. In Witness whereof I the said John Earl Granville have hereunto set my hand and Seal of Arms. This twenty fifth Day of April One Thousand seven hundred and fifty nine.

Sealed and Delivered in the Presence of
Wm Lucas—
Richd Vigers—