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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from James Reed to Philip Bearcroft
Reed, James, d. 1777
March 05, 1760
Volume 06, Pages 231-232

-------------------- page 231 --------------------
[From North Carolina Letter Book. S. P. G.]
Mr. Read to the Secretary

No Carolina, Newburn, Mar 5, 1760

Revd Sir

I waited upon his excellency Govr Dobbs, the 7 of Feby last a [at] Brunswick where I received, a parcel of Books with your letter of the 6th of Augt 1759. your prior letters to the Governor & myself having both miscarried.

As the venerable society for the propagation of the gospel have thought proper to receive me into the number of their missionaries, I shall always acknowledge this favor as a mark of their esteem and a great encouragement, to perseverance in the faithful discharge of my ministerial duty & tis with a truly greateful heart I now write & Return my sincere & hearty thanks to the Society for their generous support and ample relief under my severe duty and narrow circumstances Their expectations I shall endeavour to answer to the utmost of my abilities that the society may never have occasion to repent of their appointment, nor our worthy Govr of his recommendation, the enclosed certificate I presume, will satisfy the Society that I still continue with usual diligence in my old situation, as my Parishioners in general are very well satisfied and pleased with my labours so I think myself happy in their love and affection, and as the Benevolence of the Society will make me very easy in my temporal affairs. I have since the receipt of your favor entirely laid aside all thoughts of deserting my Charge, or ever removing. I shall take particular care to distribute the books and pious tracts among such as appear to want them most & will make a proper use of them. Dr Singes answer to all the excuses and pretences, which men Ordinarily make for their not coming to the holy communion will be of infinite Service. Several people who were very remiss in this part of their Duty, have already read it and promised to be regular communicants for the future. I should be glad of a few more of them to distribute for my Parish is very extensive, the two parcels of Books directed to my worthy Brethren Mr. Stewart & Mr. Earl are now in my care. I have wrote to them both & will forward the Parcels by the first conveyance. I have drawn upon Mr. Pearson in favor of Robt Carey & Comp Merchants, for a year and a halfs Salary, & I hope my Bill will meet with respect.

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at midsummer next I purpose to write again & send my Not. Paroch. agreeable to the Society's orders & instructions with which I was before unacquainted and therefore could not comply with them at present.

I am Revd Sir Yours &c
Missionary in Craven County.