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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Power of attorney for Robert Jones to act for John Carteret, Earl Granville
Carteret, John, Earl Granville, 1690-1763
April 06, 1761
Volume 06, Pages 546-549

[From MSS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]

To all to whom these presents shall come I John Earl Granville Viscount Carteret and Baron Carteret of Hawnes in the County of Bedford in the Kingdom of Great Britain Lord President of His Majesties most Honourable Privy Council and Knight of the most noble order of the Garter and sole Proprietor of a certain Dividend,

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Territory or Parcel of Land situate in the Province of North Carolina Send Greeting. Whereas in and by a certain Letter or Power of Attorney under my hand and Seal of Arms bearing date the Twenty fifth day of April One thousand seven hundred and fifty nine and duely proved before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor of the City of London I did make constitute and appoint Thomas Child Esqr His Majestys Attorney General of the Said Province my Special Agent and Attorney to Execute divers Powers and Authorities therein Specified under certain rules regulations and Restrictions therein Expressed and referred to and such as I should from time to time thereafter think proper to give for that purpose, And among other things did thereby Constitute and appoint him the said Thomas Child either Jointly with my other Agent for the time being or seperately by himself or such Sufficient Deputy as he should think proper to appoint for that purpose, my true and Lawfull Attorney to ask demand sue for and recover in my Behalf all and singular my Annual Quit rents Escheats, Fines Forfeitures Revenues dues Dutys and other Issues and Profits arrising or acruing to me out of my said District as by the said Letters of Attorney may fully appear.

And whereas the said Thomas Child hath represented to me that by my appointment of a second Agent in the said Province properly qualified to Exercise the said last mentioned Powers, the duty of that Branch of my Business will be greatly facilitated Now therefore Know Ye that I the said John Earl Granville for the reasons aforesaid and for divers other Causes and Considerations to me hereunto especially moving, Do by these presents revoke Countermand annul and make void all and so much of the said Letter of Attorney and Instructions by me given relative thereto and the several Powers in them respectively contained as Authorise the said Thomas Child to ask for sue or recover my said Annual Quit rents Escheats, Fines forfeitures Revenues, Dues & Dutys and to appoint a Deputy for these purposes And as are Repugnant or Contradictory to the several Powers and Authorities relative thereto hereinafter granted by these Presents And further Know ye that I the said John Earl Granville trusting and Confiding in the Probity and Ability of Robert Jones Junior of the County of Northampton in the aforesaid Province of North Carolina Attorney at Law have constituted ordained and appointed and by these presents do make constitute and appoint the said Robert Jones during my pleasure and his residence in the said Province my second Agent and Receiver General within the said Government for me and in my name to ask demand sue for recover

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and to my use to receive take possession of, hold and retain by distress or any other Lawfull ways means manner and Process of Laws whatsoever, all and Singular my Annual Quit Rents, Arrearages of Quit rents Escheats fines forfeitures Revenues Dues Duties and other Issues and Profits of what nature or kind soever within my said District or Territory arrising or accruing to me by reason of my Property therein, and to agree and compound for the same and on receipt agreement or Compensation for the same Aquittances for me and on my behalf to make Seal and deliver And also to and fulfil the several Powers Authorities and directions contained in the Instructions Numbered I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, and IX, and specified in a sett of General Instructions by me delivered to the said Robert Jones bearing even date with these presents and Contained in a sheet of Stamped Parchment signed and sealed by me and all such other and further Instructions and directions as from time to time shall hereafter think proper to give concerning the Premises And Likewise such sufficient Substitute or Substitutes for the said purposes as you shall think proper by Deed in Writing under your hand and Seal duely executed to make and appoint who respectively shall have hold use and exercise all and singular the Powers and Authoritys aforesaid And such substitute or Substitutes at your Will and Pleasure to Supercede and remove and another or others in his or their Place or Places to make and Constitute And Whereas by my said Letter of Attorney to the said Thomas Child I did Likewise grant unto him during my pleasure and his residence in the said Province the sole Power of Contracting and agreeing for and Granting in fee for me And in my name; in Parts or Parcells so much of my said Territory of Land as he the said Thomas Child should think meet under certain Rules and directions in the said Letter of Attorney Expressed and referred to without appointing any person to Succeed him in transacting that part of my said Business in case of his death or removal out of the said Province as by the said Letter of Attorney will further appear Therefore to prevent any let or hinderance in the Business belonging to my said Land Office if the said Thomas Child should happen to die or remove as aforesaid Further Know Ye that I the said John Earl Granville have Constituted made and Appointed and by these presents do constitute ordain and appoint you the Said Robert Jones during my pleasure and your residence in the said Province of No Carolina from and immediately after the death of the said Thomas Child or his removal out of the same, my Agent Attorney
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and Commissioner of my said Land Office in the said Government for me and in my name to Contract for and agree with any person or Persons for Granting and disposing of in Fee in parts or parcells all and every part of my said District or Territory of Land (not already Granted and disposed of) upon such terms and Conditions and according to such Rules directions and Instructions as are set forth and contained in the Articles of my General Instructions given to you and bearing even date with these presents as aforementioned numbered X, XI, XII, and XIII, and such other and further orders and directions as I may hereafter think proper to give concerning the same, with full Power and Authority as occasion may require from time to time for me and in my name and as my Act and Deed to sign seal and deliver such Deeds and Conveyances in the Law for the Confirmation of such agreements or Contracts as may be necessary, and agreeable to the said Instructions and such Lawful Customs and Usages as have been observed in my said Land Office for these purposes, and also to take into your Possession and Care all Records Books Instructions Letters and Papers, together with my Seal and Cypher and all other things of what Nature or Kind soever belonging to me or relating to my Land Office and Estate in the said Province, And to do all and every other Act or Acts Thing or things whatsoever touching the Premises aforesaid pursuant to the true intent and meaning of these presents And the said Instructions orders and directions and Consistent with my Interest as fully and in every respect as I myself might or could do if I were personally present hereby ratifying allowing and confirming all and whatsoever my said Agent and Receiver General and the Deputy and Deputys by him to be appointed as aforesaid shall do or Lawfully cause to be done in and about the premises on my behalf by Virtue of these presents. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal the Sixth day of April in the first year of the Reign of Our Sovereign Lord George the Third by the grace of God of Great Britain France & Ireland King Defender of the Faith and so forth and in the Year of our Lord One thousand Seven hundred and Sixty one