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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John MacDowell to Philip Bearcroft
MacDowell, John, 1717-1763
May 20, 1761
Volume 06, Pages 561-562

[From North Carolina Letter Book. S. P. G.]
From Mr. Macdowell to the Secretary.

Brunswick, May 20, 1761.

Revd Sir

According to what I mentioned in my last to you which I sent per the Revd Mr. Martyn of So. Carolina, who sailed with the fleet to Engnd in May, I took the opportunity of a vessel that was going from this Port, to Charleston & made a visit there, where the Lieut Govr Mr. Bull made me an offer of a Parish. But I considering that I ought not by any means to run the hazzard of disobliging the Venble Society, by removing myself without their consent & finding myself very unwell at Charleston, occasioned I presume by the trouble & concern, I was in from the usage of my vestry, I tarried there only 8 days but returned to my Parish, where I will endeavor, to go thro' all fatigues till the venerable Society will take my case into consideration & honor me with their commands how to proceed.

Ev'ry person in my Parish own & acknowledge they never had a minister, they liked better or so well & would be so sorry to part with; but the vestry have got such a notion of keeping their Minister in Subjection & dependance that they will give him no certainty of being continued but from year to year. I have offered to do more for the good of this place, than any person can expect. I have offered, if they would give me a certainty of continuing, that I would build myself a house & would leave my salary to their own discretion & moreover would give £10 sterling a year to the new church till it be finished.

I beg therefore the Venble Society will be pleased to take into consideration my case, & either oblige my vestry to fix me on some certainty here, or else give me leave to remove myself elsewhere, &

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I will be greatly obliged to them & I will with all alacrity obey whatever commands they will be pleased to honor me with—