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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John MacDowell to Daniel Burton [Extract]
MacDowell, John, 1717-1763
March 26, 1763
Volume 06, Pages 977-978

[From North Carolina Letter Book S. P. G.]
Mr. Macdowell to the Secretary, Extract.

Brunswick Mar. 26, 1763

Revd Sir

How different are my letters now in this my tedious sickness from what they would have been in these 9 years past, the time I

-------------------- page 978 --------------------
have been in this province. Instead of acquainting the venble Society with my negociations in the ministry; all I can acquaint them now is, that I am a poor invalid; & from one of the most stirring active ministers that ever came into America, can scarcely now leave my room, or bear the least breath of air. Nay upon the alteration of the weather I am so affected & tormented with excruciating Pains that I cannot lie in bed, but am obliged to sit almost the half of the night. This has been a fatal year to us Europeans here, his excellency Govr Dobbs has been in a very bad way all this winter, having lost the use of his legs, occasioned by cold he caught in Novr at the genl assembly. And his nephew Mr. Spaight one of the Kings council & your late secretary is lately dead, he came over with his excellency and was a very sprightly gay young man. But many have I seen since I have been here, hearty & Gay & Brisk one week & the next attended to their grave. This is a dismal climate & when one gets sickly here, I have hardly ever known an instance of his recovering. For which reason I am obliged to determine to leave the Province, But would fain wait for the Societys leave & will do nothing without acquainting them.