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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Arthur Dobbs to Charles Wyndham, Earl of Egremont
Dobbs, Arthur, 1689-1765
July 17, 1763
Volume 06, Page 992

-------------------- page 992 --------------------
[B. P. R. O. Am. & W. Ind. Vol. 214.]
Governor Dobbs to Secretary Lord Egremont

Brunswick 17 July 1763

My Lord,

I had the Honor of Your Lordship's letter of the 27th Nov. 1762 along with your letters of the 18th February and 16th March it is with the greatest pleasure that I congratulate Your Lordship upon the ratification of the glorious Treaty which has confirmed to His Majesty and Britain the sole Empire of this Northern Continent Eastward from Mississippi to the Polar Circle and has procured to us an extensive trade to all parts of the Globe and the Empire of the Ocean As to the American Islands they may be hereafter easily gained while we keep the Dominion of the Sea in case the French should ever be so mad as to renew the War.

I have according to your Orders notified it over the Province and shall proclaim it in form when I shall receive further orders. I shall attend the Indian Meeting if my Health permit at present Mr. Fauquier and I think it will be more convenient and less expensive and more desirable to the Indians to hold it at Charles Town which we have mentioned to Gov. Boone and Capt. Stewart.

It gives me exquisite pleasure that His Majesty approves of what I did for his service in raising the Recruits I hope before this time the Duplicates of my letters are got safe to England.

After this glorious acquisition which has answered my most sanguine and endeavours to promote I have nothing to wish for but the opening the trade to Hudson's Bay and discovery of the passage to the Western American Ocean which I have laboured to obtain these thirty years and then I should die in peace

I am My Lord &c

I beg Your Lordship will allow me to recommend Mr. Benjamin Heron the Acting Secretary of this Province to be appointed one of the Council of North Carolina in the room of Mr. Spaight.