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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from James Moir to Daniel Burton
Moir, James, d. 1767
October 20, 1763
Volume 06, Pages 994-995

[From North Carolina Letter Book. S. P. G.]
Mr. Moir to the Secretary

N. Hampton, Oct 20, 1763

Revd Sir:

Since my last of April, at the earnest request of the people of Edgecombe (there being no vestry in the Province) I officiated in that Parish in the months of May and July and baptized 283 white and 6 black children. Before the expiration of my year in No. Hampton the Parishioners insisted on my continuing to officiate among them, and assured me they would give me full satisfaction either by subscription or by voting in a vestry to do it by the first opportunity, to which I consented and have baptized in this and the neighboring counties of Bertie and Hertford 238 white and 56 black children, the communicants are often from 10 to 30, and seldom above 30 as I administer the Sacrament in the different Chapels and sometimes in private houses when the Church and Chapels are inconvenient to the aged and infirm.

The general assembly of this Province is to meet next december, some members of my acquaintance desire me to be there promising

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to use their utmost efforts to encourage a regular ministry as the only effectual means to stop the inundation of Sectaries, which are chiefly owing to the vestry acts, the generality of the inhabitants being much inclined to the offices of our Church, but I have little hopes of Success, having often represented among others the inconvenience of one and the same persons collecting the Parish taxes, and taking the Poll at the election of vestries. My Salaries in Edgcombe for the three last years I officiated there are still due. Govr Dobbs taking the advantage at the division of the county to appoint a Sheriff who managed the election of vestries so, as that the Parish had no vestry for several years before the repeal of the last vestry act, to prevent being sued for the money in his hands. The Parishioners are sensible of the injustice done me & resolve to choose a vestry that will oblige the Sheriff to refund. they also importune me to reside in their Parish. I have not drawn for my salary this last year, hoping the venerable society will give me leave to come to London next Summer.

I am Revd Sir, your most obt Humble Servant,