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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Power of attorney for Henry McCulloh and Henry Eustace McCulloh to act for George Augustus Selwyn
Selwyn, George Augustus, 1719-1791
November 21, 1763
Volume 06, Pages 996-998

[From MSS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]

To all to whom these presents shall come—I George Augustus Selwyn of Matson in the County of Gloucester Esqr send Greeting Whereas by virtue of several Grants passed under the Seal of his Majestys Province of North Carolina to John Selwyn Esqr my Late Father Deceased I the said George Augustus Selwyn am Intitled to Two several Tracts of Land The one commonly called by the name of the Tract No 1 and the Other By the name of the Tract No 3 Each of them containing One hundred thousand acres of Land situate in the said province of North Carolina Which said two Tracts are part of a much Larger Quantity of Land in the said province heretofore Directed to be Granted to Murray Crymble, James Huey and their associates in such proportion as should be required of them upon certain Terms and Conditions in the said Grant specified And whereas Divers parts of the said two Tracts of Land No 1 and No 3 have been settled and improved According to the Terms and True meaning of the said Original Grants and several Other parts thereof have not Been settled and improved

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whereby the same ought to be surrendered unto the Crown Now Know ye That I the said George Augustus Selwyn Have revoked annulled and made void &c and make void to all Intents and authorities by me at any time heretofore Given or Granted to any person or persons whomsoever to do or Transact any matter or thing whatsoever Touching or concerning the said two Tracts of land in North Carolina Called No 1 and No 3 so Granted to the said John Selwyn as herein before is mentioned And I the said George Augustus Selwyn for Divers good causes &c appoint Henry McCulloch of Chiswick in the County of Middlesex Esqr and Henry Eustace McCulloch of No Carolina aforesaid Esqr Jointly and severally each of them and such person or persons as shall be Legally appointed by them or either of them for me in my name and in my behalf to surrender and yield up unto the said Governor or Commander in Chief of his Majestys province of North Carolina &c all such parts of the said Land as were not on the twenty fifth day March 1760 settled and improved according to the terms True Intent and meaning of the said Original Grants And &c to make Seal Execute and Deliver all such Deeds as shall or may be necessary &c and concerning all such parts of the Lands contained in the said Two Tracts No 1 and No 3 as shall not be so surrendered and yielded up but retained for the use of me the said George Augustus Selwyn my heirs and assigns I authorize and impower my said Attorney &c to Plott or run out the same in the best or most advantageous manner And from time to time to advance and pay all such sum and sums of Money as shall be necessary for the plotting or running out the same or any part thereof or Otherwise in relation thereto (which sum and sums so advanced are to be paid by and out of the money arising by sale of the said Lands as herein after is mentioned but not to be in any other manner borne or paid by me the said George Augustus Selwyn) And further I do hereby authorize and Empower the said Henry McCulloch and Henry Eustace McCulloch &c to Grant Bargain Sell and Convey all every or any part or parts of the said Lands contained in the said Tracts No 1 and No 3 as shall be retained to my use &c unto any person or persons as shall be willing to purchase the same for the best and most adequate price that can be got for the same &c and in my name to Seal Execute and Deliver such Deeds and Conveyances Bargains And sales for the absolute sale of all and singular the said parts of the said Lands as shall be reserved to me as aforesaid with such covenants clauses and agreements &c and out of the monies
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which shall arise by the sale of the said premises in the first place to Deduct and retain to his and their own use all such monies as shall be expended in Plotting and Running out the said Lands and also all such reasonable Costs Charges and Expenses as they or either of them shall be put unto or Expend in the execution of all or any of the matters aforesaid And in the next place by and out of the moneys arising by such sale to pay and satisfy all such Quit Rents or other Rents as are made payable to the Crown and have accrued due or shall hereafter accrue due for all such parts of the said Lands as are or shall be reserved to my use as aforesaid from and after the said Twenty fifth day of March 1760

In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the Twenty first day of November 1763 &c