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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from James Moir to Daniel Burton
Moir, James, d. 1767
April 04, 1764
Volume 06, Page 1042

-------------------- page 1042 --------------------
[From North Carolina Letter Book. S. P. G.]
Mr. Moir to the Secretary

N. Hampton, Apl 4 1764

Revd Sir,

Since my last of Octr I baptized in No Hampton, and the neighbouring counties 136 white children & 46 black, I baptized also in Edgcombe 171 white children 2 adults & 16 Black children. By the vestry act passed last March; the minister is made President of the Vestry, the election of which is put off to the beginning of August, and it is to continue 3 years, Dissenters are still admitted into it, and which is worst of all, the Sheriff takes the Poll. Hoping the venerable Society would have permitted me to take a passage for London, I did not draw for my salaries from Michs 1762 to Ladyday 1764. But there being now very nigh 7 years salaries due to me, in Edgcombe & N. Hampton counties, which I cannot recover till the new vestries are qualified next fall, obliges me to draw now for the forsaid Salary of 1½ year

I am Revd Sir your most humble obt Servant