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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Henry McCulloh to John Pownall
McCulloh, Henry, ca. 1700-1779
June 02, 1764
Volume 06, Pages 1046-1047

[B. P. R. O. North Carolina. B. T. Vol. 14. E. 82.]
Letter from Henry McCulloh Esqre to the Treasury.

London, June 2nd 1764.

Sir, [John Pownall Esqre]

By an Act of Assembly passed in North Carolina for the emitting Paper Bills of Currency said Bills was rated on the foot of proclamation money, that is to say one hundred and thirty three pounds six shillings and eight pence in their Bills of Credit are made legal tender for one hundred pounds sterling. Yet by the course of Exchange between said Colony and England one hundred and ninety Pounds of said Bills of Currency will not do more than purchase a Bill of Exchange for one hundred pounds sterling payable in London. His late Majesty by his order in Council dated the 13th of October 1756 and his present Majesty by his order in Council dated the 14th of October 1762 were graciously pleased to order that £2584 sterl. arrears of salary due to me be set off against the Quit Rents of all such Lands as belong to me or my Associates with whom I have any interest or concern in the said Province of North Carolina, and that the said Quit Rents shall commence from the 25th of March 1760 Whereof the Governor or Commander in Chief of His Majestys said Province of North Carolina for the time being and all others whom it may concern are to take notice and govern themselves accordingly.

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But as some difficulties have occurred to Govr Dobbs in giving the necessary directions to the receiver of His Majesty's Quit Rents vizt Whether the £2584 sterl. due to me ought to be set off against my Quit Rents at the nominal value of £133.6.8 Bills of credit for £100 sterling as rated by the above Law or whether I should have credit for the said sum £2584 according to the course of Exchange between Carolina and London, which exchange is at present £190 Carolina currency for £100 sterl.

I therefore pray the favour you will represent this Affair to the Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations, & that their Lordships in their great goodness will be pleased to explain this matter to the Governor in order to his giving the necessary Directions to the Receiver General of the Quit rents to allow me Credit for the said Sum of £2584 according to the course of Exchange between Carolina and London.

I am with great respect Sir &c

Additional Notes for Electronic Version: John Pownall was the Secretary for the Board of Trade during this period, and this letter is mentioned in the Board of Trade Journals for 1764, indicating that the letter was addressed to the Board of Trade not the Lords of the Treasury.