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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from William Tryon to the Board of Trade of Great Britain
Tryon, William, 1729-1788
April 01, 1765
Volume 07, Page 2

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[From Tryon's Letter Book.]
Letter from Governor Tryon to the Board of Trade.

Wilmington 1st April 1765

I seize this opportunity by a ship which is to sail to-morrow from Fort Johnstone, to acquaint your Lordships Gov. Dobbs died at Brunswick the 28th of last month. I was escorting Lord Adam Gordon thro' part of this Province when the news of this event reached me. I returned immediately and last night took into my possession the Great Seal of the Province and the Governors commission: He delivered to me the 23d of last month (a few hours before he was taken ill) his Majesty's instructions and many public letters from your Lordships' board, but as they were in a confused state, I have not yet made a complete arrangement of them or considered their contents. I spent two months in a tour thro' this Province, and am determined in my opinion that the public business of it can be carried on, no where with so much conveniency and advantage to far the greatest part of the inhabitants as at Newberne, a town situated on a neck of land at the confluence of the rivers Neuse and Trent. I expect a sufficient number of members to hold a Council in a day or two, when agreeable to His Majesty's instructions I shall take the advice of the Council relative to the time and place of holding the Assembly. As soon as the usual proclamations on these occasions are issued, I shall trouble your Lordships with such observations as occur to me on the present state of this Province; The public offices and records shall be the object of my particular attention. As I shall use my utmost diligence to send every intelligence I think will give either information or satisfaction to your Lordships, so, on the other hand, I flatter myself my representations in behalf of the Province will meet with a proper consideration and support from your Lordships, as such a countenance will give fresh life and strength to my inclinations and endeavors, and cannot fail of producing the best effects between his Majesty's Governor and the people.

I am with perfect respect &c